Indisch Leder (2012)

Indisch Leder by Wiener Blut
Bottle Design Alex Wiederin
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Indisch Leder is a popular perfume by Wiener Blut for women and men and was released in 2012. The scent is leathery-spicy. The production was apparently discontinued.

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Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Cognac, Davana, Plum, Saffron
Heart Notes Heart NotesOak wood, Lavender, Patchouli, Peru balsam
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Oakmoss, Musk, Cistus



7.8 (40 Ratings)


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7.4 (32 Ratings)
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I haven't done this very often
I've tried a few woody and leathery perfumes in the past, but I spent most of my perfumed life in exclusively flowery-chypre situations. But I always wondered if there might have been more to my tendency to experiment with spicy, leathery scents than pure curiosity, which was why I was excited when I was introduced to "Indisch Leder" at a friend's boudoir. I knew "Indisch Leder" was a saffron-sandalwood-leather affair and I spent the afternoon at my friend's place actively flirting with "Indisch Leder". I was very pleased when "IL" and I exchanged telephone numbers at the end of the afternoon. We began texting and I decided to invite "IL" over to my boudoir on a Saturday night. Well, I was surprised at how much my heart was beating when I opened the door to let "IL" in. With "IL", I did not know where I was and who was in charge. I was relieved when "Il" said "You seem confused". "I haven't done this very often", I mumbled. "I can tell", "IL" said. Then I analysed every sniff I took, I was enjoying it, but it was also weird at times. "You think too hard", I was told by "IL". Yes, I found myself obsessively trying to take apart the different notes. But I didn't succeed. "IL" was good. It was fun. But I felt on the same level as the time I had spent trying to learn how to dance tango. I really wanted this to be "my thing", but at the end I could tell that it wasn't.
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7.5 10.0 5.0 8.0/10

220 Reviews
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Give Me A Handkerchief!
The new Austrian brand Wiener Blut presents “Taschentuch Parfums” - handkerchief perfumes which allegedly were popular in Vienna around 1900. Between home fragrances and traditional colognes it looks like this newcomer has found a special niche. But do these fragrances come up to this concept?

Indisch Leder sounds very traditional, just like Russian Leather. However, I do not think there ever was a traditional fragrance of that name. Anyway, around 1900, real leather accords had not yet been invented, and so perfumers helped themselves with birch tar, and the romantic Cossack story about “Russian” Leather. At least, just like the historical Cuir de Russies, also Indisch Leder contains no clear leather note at all. Instead, I suppose we should take it as a hint that Indisch Leder should fit very well with leather garments and accessories.

Whereas the leather is completely missing, the “Indisch” part in it is a vast amount of spiciness – saffron! There is hardly any other perfume where saffron is presented that straightforwardly. This spice is well known from pastries, but also as an indispensable ingredient in any good paella. I really like saffron – it has a kind of mustiness that can provide an individual character and also volume to a dish as well as a perfume. In perfumery, we often find saffron accompanied by the up-to-date oud bases. According to my experience, saffron belongs to the fragrance spectre of the traditional Arab perfumery.

It is a warm and warming, and also slightly sweetish perfume Pierre Guillaume created for Wiener Blut. A lean frame which occurs to me as slightly woody, and a faint bitter appeal stand up against the sweetness and mustiness, but without playing an equal part. This time, the saffron comes without any oud, and so this spice stands much clearer and more distinct before us than in its near relatives. I would consider Micallef's Aoud Men the closest kin since both fragrances share this honey-style sweetness. If you do not like the Micallef fragrance, you will hate Indisch Leder!

With its nearness to Micallef's opulence and sweetness, Indisch Leder is anything but a sports fragrance. Nothing is dynamic here, instead it has a rather solid and sedate appeal. The distinct saffron mustiness gives me the impression that the border between the fragrance and its wearer's own scent might become blurred. It is the saffron which gives a Spanish paella the full right to occupy the centre of the table, and in the same way Indisch Leder underlines the presence of is wearer. But – how should it be applied?

On my skin Indisch Leder after two hours dimmed down to a somewhat indefinite amber accord. Nevertheless, the saffron aura was still around me, and I think this was transmitted by my clothes. There seems to be something real to this handkerchief story!

No matter how much I like saffron – intense spices are difficult to use: if you have too much of them, a life-long averseness will be the result. Other than with food that is eaten rather quickly you should consider the longer period of time that one is exposed to a sensation by wearing a perfume. From this point of view I vote for the handkerchief!

One could produce the handkerchief once in a while and enjoy the fragrance but then put it away again – maybe into a leather handbag or shoulder bag, and so the inlet would develop an even more attractive scent! I would not like to spray myself with Indisch Leder the usual way. It would be simply too much.

Indisch Leder is a highly interesting fragrance but its new concept calls for a very considerate and sensitive use. Will the sales people be able to properly instruct the customers?
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Indisch Leder - Wie das Zaumzeug eines Fiakerpferdes
by TomLavender

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