XPEC Original (2002)

XPEC Original by XPEC
Bottle Design John Fewster
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XPEC Original is a popular perfume by XPEC for men and was released in 2002. The scent is spicy-chypre. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still in production.

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Shirley Brody

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesThyme, Tuberose, Lemon
Heart Notes Heart NotesFennel, Ginger, Pepper
Base Notes Base NotesOakmoss, Cedarwood



7.6 (53 Ratings)


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4.7 (29 Ratings)
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Greatly helpful Review    33
I'm glad I only tried it now!
No other fragrance was on my watch list longer than this one. When I walked around here in my early perfume days, wondering what was available, XPEC Original - more or less by chance - became the first entry. It was thanks to Jumi that I was finally able to test him. I took the generously measured sample every now and then over the months and gradually emptied it almost completely, yet I hardly have the impression to be able to give sorted thoughts of myself. The following paragraphs are therefore not to be understood as a clear sequence, but should actually merge into each other - ultimately as marginal areas of a large, common whole, in which tuberose finds truly worthy comrades-in-arms.

What a brew! Good thing I only tried it now, with a little more experience. At that time, in 2013, he would have blown me over. He doesn't have to hide from no 80s buzz.

Short glue in front, then dark floral nuances, rubbed off by a bitter, completely unsweet citrus spice emery. An abyss. Hours pass before I'm sure of concrete spices and wonder why I didn't smell the thyme immediately. The fruit note can best be described as a ginger-citrus candy - if that doesn't sound much too good in context. The effect of such a sweet would be similar to that of Madam Pomfrey, the school nurse from Hogwarts, who is in charge of feeding up: it eliminates any cold in an instant, but the cured people get smoke from their ears for a few hours. By the way, I'd be the first one to enthusiastically try such stuff, potion like candy. Second "by the way": It is often to be smelled that tuberose is turned in the direction of fruit candy, presumably in order to trivialize it. Today it is clear that this is not necessarily the case.

A neat location Rosengeranium, which, however, is less scratchy than elsewhere, instead tones in herb-floral, discreetly soaped elegance. All this does not have to be considered at all as decidedly masculine in the sense of perhaps angular. Piguets 44er 'Bandit' (no twin, only object of illustration!) for example is intended for the ladies and still lets the - naturally metaphorical - eggs hang out even more demonstratively than the present candidate.

Dark-bitter wood, on the threshold to charring, softened by a subtle creamy sweetness. The term "peat fire" already fell - fits. Anyway, a diffuse smoky aura, not quite tangible. "Herbaceous-peaty" or "Warm-peaty" would also hit.

In the late morning, the big whole conjured up in the first paragraph seems to finally stand. A soft fruity-floral, deep dark aura on abysmal wood. The thyme is unobtrusive, but clear, citric-rough underlaid. For his part, spiced not only by a trace of fruity sweetness, like a wink, but also by a hint of unwashedness. Only noticeable directly on the skin and by no means as penetrating as in Micallefs 'Emir', for example. In addition a rough leathery grazing association (Castoreum?) as well as a kind of pebble note, as it were, to complete the picture, which presumably originates alchemistically from all of the aforementioned and is to be noticed for hours, although not overflowing, so nevertheless well.

The slow construction of the fragrance scaffold has obviously paid off, because 'XPEC Original' glides through the afternoon with unchanged power. An increasing intensity in citrus makes me think at first of dextrose with an orange flavour, and later on I can guess behind it effervescent powder Citral. That would be an explanation for the fruity, almost sparkling eye wink, which breaks the tip of the floral as well as the animal fraction.

What do we do now? My description sounds like a violent mess even to me. But that's not the case. Since the aforementioned almost a year ago, I have been amazed every time I wear 'XPEC Original' that almost from the beginning, at the latest from the progressive morning on, a barely perceptible veil like chiffon seems to float over the fragrance, a mitigating as well as connecting element at the same time. Only in this cautious taming does the power inherent in perfume become a truly sovereign one, and with that I am in...

...Conclusion: The fact that I am 'XPEC Original' personally not "am" and he does not completely meet my preferences does not change the fact that this is a big litter. The masculine classification should not deter. The fabric is not for little girls, but for real women I imagine it to be wonderful.
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