Amnesia by X-Ray / RXR

Amnesia 2014

13.04.2015 - 06:04 PM

Feel the love.....

Do you want to have fun? Amnesia is easy, carefree, optimistic. With Amnesia, Ray Burns and Ralf Swieger have managed to produce something that stands apart from almost anything else that is around just now. It is so unashamedly upbeat, so unselfconscious, that it shines, brightly, above the gloom of the avant garde.

Amnesia shimmers like the sun on a swimming pool, gleams like the sun on oiled bodies. The notes are said to include waterlily, seaweed, sea salt, ambergris, sandalwood and ambrette but who cares! Amnesia is musk and sunshine and blue, blue sky, and sea and beaches and bare feet and laughter and carefree times, and I love it.

Edit; Amnesia is not a thin aquatic. and it has no hard edges. It's solid and rounded and satisfying. To me, it opens with soapy/salty/musky slightly floral notes, and it continues through a very pleasant musky mid development to a soft creamy sandalwoody drydown. It just smells great, and fun, and I find it really appealling.
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