Shooting Stars - Allende (2018)

Shooting Stars - Allende by XerJoff
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Shooting Stars - Allende is a perfume by XerJoff for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is gourmand-sweet. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still in production.

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Top Notes Top NotesMadagascan vanilla, Magnolia
Heart Notes Heart NotesMadagascan vanilla, Cocoa
Base Notes Base NotesMadagascan vanilla



6.8 (36 Ratings)


8.6 (33 Ratings)


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8.9 (35 Ratings)
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Vanilla overdose?
Confused at first by the name, as the only Allende I know of is the Chilean president overthrown by Pinochet... and I am sure he wasn’t the inspiration for this fragrance. I spent most of perfume wearing years avoiding Vanilla until I discovered and enjoyed the likes of Lune Feline and Angelique noire as well as the various Vanilla based fragrances by Sylvaine de la court. Then I thought it’s quite nice to have some vanilla rich fragrance to layer with my usual fragrances. I came across reviews of Allende and and decided to blind buy it, solely on reviews. Now, that’s a bad idea for any fragrance and more so for Allende.
This perfume is so strong that I feel like I am not smelling it properly, I am not able to pick the various notes. I cannot pick out the cocoa not the magnolia and all I get is ultra sharp vanilla. I like gourmands but I am not able to associate this with custard or cream, it’s all Vanilla to me!
I would agree with other reviewers in that it’s better suited for colder weather, and maybe more of an evening fragrance where you want to be noticed. I wouldn’t wear this to the office.
7.0 7.0/10

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What's in the flowerbed?
It was a cold February night in the rural town of Allende (Mexico) in 1969 when the largest amount of coconut vanillite (not to be confused with Pokemon vanillite) that ever fell on the earth plunged into a flowerbed right next to the post office building. Parts of the vanilla meteorite were found in an area of 8 kilometers and the original total mass was about 2 tons and had the size of an ice car.

In the morning all hell broke loose in Allende. The local post office official declared a state of emergency: "What's in the flowerbed? Now I have to repaint." Through the Apollo program, the whole world was interested in space right now, and professionals were everywhere. At first there was a bit of confusion whether the magnolia belonged to the vanillite and had grown on the meteor or whether it had only gotten into the meteorite through the fall. However, the results of the investigation remained secret for the next decades. Somehow Xerjoff got hold of the results of the investigation in 2018 and they succeeded in distilling the meteorite.

Salvador Allende (1908-1973) was then just one politician among many in the Chilean Unidad Popular (UP), i.e. between two offices. That's why he didn't notice the vanillite meteor at all.

You have to be strong to carry two tons of vanilla scent. It probably helps if you are an astronaut or an astronomer, ice cream vendor or postal worker (high on the yellow wagon). One should wear this fragrance in the colder half of the year. For example, at night in February. Or to commemorate the spirit of optimism that prevailed in the Apollo program at the time. Or if you're in the mood for custard and no one's around.

Generally speaking, however, you have to ask yourself whether you would like to spend so much money on a generic vanilla scent with an unlisted coconut note. There is something similar in the Comptoir Sud Pacifique (Vanilla Coco layered with Vanilla Tiaré?) or Les Senteurs Gourmandes (Vanilla Monoï?). That's just a guess, of course. Perhaps there is only this one unmistakable meteor of coconut vanillite.
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IoanaP 11 days ago
Strong opening, first sniff neutralized my senses. Very sweet gourmand-floral. Gives me the feeling of an edible body lotion.
SamuelGustav 14 months ago
Very creamy vanilla bomb. Opens with a almond type note, then it dries down has a beautiful floral vanilla, unisex (leaning a bit feminine)+1

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