Casamorati - Dama Bianca by XerJoff

Casamorati - Dama Bianca 2012

01.08.2021 - 04:32 PM

Innocence in a bottle

I am a casamorati fan, but I havent tested this one because when I ordered the samples I was confused with the name, and I asked for pikovaya dama instead of dama bianca...Yeah what? There both damas and xerjoff...So when i tested this one, i was searching for a sweet floral feminine scent for everyday use and I found it.

Kumquat which is listed on top notes of the fragrance, is a citrus fruit (originated in China and Japan) that we use in Greece especially in Corfu, to make liquer, jams and sweets. So, despite the fact that the fruit is slightly acidic in taste, the products of it are quite sweet ( you must try them)!!!! I get the kumquat jam scent in this perfume which together with all the florals the vanilla and musk, are resulting in an extremely super duper overdosed sugary sweet floral scent. The scent is linear and doesnt change with time, so dont expect surprises.

As for the performance, i bought it in July when temperatures here are between 30-40 degrees of Celcious and I wore almost the whole 30ml bottle. The scent stays on my skin for long (more that 8 hours) but it doesnt have a good sillage. I havent heard a single compliment with this one whereas with Dolce amalfi and Lira I ve heard a LOT. I believe this is not a summer scent but it needs some breeze. I would say its better for spring, fall and winter, or at least a time of a year that is not very hot. I kept some MLs to test it then and correct my review if needed.

I love this scent but I dont know if I will go for a bigger bottle. My favorite from the collection remains Dolce amalfi, 1888 and then comes Lira but this one sure gets a high rating from me!

Thank you for your time!

Be safe and smell great!


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