Erba Pura by XerJoff

Erba Pura 2013

30.04.2021 - 06:56 PM
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Erba Summer!

I know how many people think this leans more feminine, but guys I enjoy this one so much. How can you hate fruits,musk,vanilla? This is a coctail in a perfume bottle
Smells amazing from the opening till the drydown. It opens very loud with juicy fruits dries down to a fruity coctail mixed with vanilla & musk which makes it a little bit more creamy. Compliments to the roof, no one is ever going to say that you smell bad. People can smell you from 3 meters away so use with caution
Bottle looks super amazing velvety with gold touches that is what I expected from Xerjoff Quality
For all the people that base their opinions on fragrantica comments, please do try this one by yourself and let the magic hyptnotize you.
For me this is a 10/10 summer banger !
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