Oud Stars - Mamluk by XerJoff

Oud Stars - Mamluk 2012

14.09.2022 - 08:26 PM

Maybe a matter of skin chemistry

I've heard a lot about this scent and it seems to be very divisive. Some say it's stinky and animal, others say it's a beautiful honey fragrance. I personally belong to the latter group of people.
However, I can imagine why people could perceive the fragrance differently.

Let's first talk about why I really enjoy the scent. On my skin the scent is very strong on the notes of honey, vanilla and light floral touches. It acts like a typical gourmand fragrance. I can barely detect any oud in the fragrance and also the jasmine, which seems to be much more prominent on other peoples skin, is somehow toned down on my skin. I don't get any fruitiness, rather a certain softness, but the fragrance that comes closest to this fragrance on my skin is Back to Black by Kilian Paris. They are not redundant and also not copying each other. They just smell similar on my skin (not on paper).

Now that I've talked about the scent on my skin, please be aware that it might be different on yours. And that's exactly the point why I think that people either love or hate the fragrance. If the oud and the jasmine are both more pronounced on your skin, I can imagine people finding this one more stinky and animalic, because both notes can have those characteristics. You should definitely try the fragrances on your skin before buying.

Talking about performance, it exactly performs like you would expect from an oriental fragrance with gourmand and woody notes. I can smell the cloud around me for several hours and it practically stays on my skin from morning to late afternoon.
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