Oud Stars - Ceylon (2017)

Oud Stars - Ceylon by XerJoff
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Oud Stars - Ceylon is a popular perfume by XerJoff for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is animal-oriental. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesHoney, Calabrian bergamot, Indian jasmine sambac
Heart Notes Heart NotesCeylonese black tea, Malayan oud, Indian sandalwood
Base Notes Base NotesMadagascan vanilla, Amber, Deer musk



7.9 (32 Ratings)


8.9 (30 Ratings)


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9.5 (35 Ratings)
Submitted by Marc32R, last update on 30.06.2019
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72 Reviews
2018-03-07-16-39 UTC --

This brings to mind some temple to some appalling idol sequestered away in the most subterranean depths of Jayawardenepura-Kotta - a place that if you find once, one way or another you never find again, like in some Robert E Howard or HP Lovecraft story.

The sweetness-innocence of the honey + the funky-skankiness of the oud sets up one of those tensions whereby the peril or diabolickality of a thing is very greatly amplified - such as that the exceeding fearsome dæmon conjured by the scorcerer speaketh with a °strangely° sweet voice ... & I'm sure many other analogies could be devised.

I don't think it's an exageration or hyperbole to call this °diabolickal° - it's kind of redolent of °sin°, if uw like: and the very prominent & very sweet °honey° note is almost perverse in its innocence taken set in the 'fume as a whole - indeed, I think the figure of the sweet voice wherewithal the dæmon conjured by the scorcerer is wont to speak (and this ^is^ a ubiquitous quality of such dæmons in mythology, as a perusal of literature wherein accounts of such conjurations are featured would reveal) is a passing fitting one for that perversity. The main component of the °fiendish° note is of course the oud (& I suspect there is a fair amount of real oud in this for reasons similar to those whereby I suspect similarly in the case of Malle÷Ropion's ~The Night~ - that, kind of, °the real thing° song that it sings - and one might ask "if this is not °the real thing°, then why is it not undercut by a competitor?"); however, synergising most efficaciously with it is another earthy note - I have seen ~black tea~ mentioned in connection with this, and it is probably that.

~Deer musk~? That is listed in the notes also. What is the law concerning that? I have read that a limited number are permitted the hunting-of per year. I ^presume^ a very publically trading company such as Xerjoff is not using illegally sourcen musk.

This is actually the ^second^ most expensive (unit-cost-wise) 'fume I possess.

2018-04-15-21-39 UTC --
Gave this a run-out last night. In my review of~Lua~ by Xerjoff, I say that people tend not ti give me compliments, forthat I project sort-of °red (traffic) light° against it. Was in a crowded public house last night wearing this. Well ... that business of not receiving compliments got turned on its head! to say the least! I'm not exaggerating to say that there were people seeking me out fræ remote corners of the establishment - and even one or two fræ neighbouring establishments (yeah! for real!) - coz they'd heard of 'this guy' wearing this 'crazy perfume'! To put it into a perspective, when I say 'compliments', I am including people refusing to come within half-a-dozen paces of me by virtue of my 'smelling like a farmyard'. And also, the fuforé was in large part precipitated by a certain entertainer hired by the establishment rather ostentatiously doing precisely that. And it may well have been ^partly^ by reason of the farmyard vibe I was be-emanating (but it ^was assuredly^ only ^partly^ by reason thereof) that I spent the remainder of the evening being led around on a chain! (Think I'm joking, don't you?)

Did say this perfume is ^sinful^!

But, have no doubt! this 'fume really is something ^very particularly^ special (as indeed it ought to be for its price). Its sillage & longevity are off the scale. I wore it this afternoon also at the Whitworth Art Gallery Sunday Concert: had little choice really, as I was veritably honking of it already. The people there were more polite, and the fact that I was there in female raiment (as is my wont) probably played a part in that. "Shall we go and suss-out this cross-dresser honking like a farmyard? ... no! let's just leave it". I would probably have gone & sussed me out; but then I ^am^ me!

I have seen it written that the Xerjoff ~Oud Stars~ series do contain real oud, but a 'homeopathic' amount. This one however is a bit of an outlier (including price-wise) & I am now convinced that there is a fair amount in it. I have never had the honour if intraspiring of high-grade oud-oil ^per-se^; but the ^surpassingly^ fabulous olfactory landscape through which this has been transporting me since the moment I put it on just ^cannot^ but be a figment of at least quite generous amounts of at least fairly high-grade oud.

^If^ it is your desire to avail yourself of some ^really properly^ serious 'fume, maugre the percopious minlet-letting demanded therefor, ^this^ one is, IMO, a truly viable proposition.

Don't know when I'll next be able to wear another perfume to any avail!

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