Shooting Stars - Ibitira (2007)

Shooting Stars - Ibitira by XerJoff
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Shooting Stars - Ibitira is a popular perfume by XerJoff for women and men and was released in 2007. The scent is floral-powdery. It is still in production.

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Jacques Flori

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesOrange blossom, Violet, Lemon
Heart Notes Heart NotesFlorentine iris, Neroli, Bulgarian rose, White blossoms
Base Notes Base NotesBourbon vanilla, Musk, Haitian vetiver, Cedarwood



8.4 (115 Ratings)


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8.3 (89 Ratings)
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Who was first? ...the chicken or the egg?
As I spray it on, I notice the amazing similarity to Prada's Infusion d'Iris (2007)...
Since both were born in 2007, the question arises: who was first? The chicken or the egg? ;-P

I like to take a closer look at the two fragrances and try to crystallize the differences....

In a direct comparison of the two fragrance pyramids, I notice first of all that both fragrances have orange blossom, iris, vertiver and cedar wood intus... You can also smell them with both scents.

But Ibitira also has other high-quality components such as rose, white flowers, neroli, musk and bourbon vanilla, which IDI did not have in 2007.
But IDI 2007 still has galbanum, mandarin, pistachio leaf, benzoin and frankincense with it...

In the beginning - the first 5-10 minutes - it is really difficult to keep the two scents apart. In both cases I am directly surrounded by an almost identical green citric note... wonderfully fresh... Orange blossom, vertiver and neroli in Ibitira, mandarin in IDI... Amazing, the resemblance!

But after that you can see some differences:

In my opinion Ibitira is a bit "faster to the point" than Prada's IDI 2007, because I can perceive the beautiful and powdery iris faster, after only about 10 minutes... At IDI 2007 I can perceive the green-citric top note a little longer, about 15-20 minutes, until the beautiful powdery iris follows...

After the mentioned 10 minutes of the top note, followed by the beautiful powdered iris, I find that Ibitira resembles more and more the Indusion d'Iris Abolue... - one of my absolute favorites :-) Because although it is not listed, I can see in Ibitira's heart note, just like in IDI Absolue, a beautiful resinous note... Also here the similarity is absolutely amazing...!

The IDI did not have this resin in 2007. But something smoky, which Ibitira (and also IDI Absolue) does not have at all...

With Ibitira I am surrounded by a beautiful, delicate, powdery resinous iris veil... I mean, also to be able to recognize the rose very delicately... and something cherry-like, which, according to the pyramid, does not seem to be there... And exactly in this point Ibitira now also stands out from Prada's IDI Absolue...
Because IDI Absolue ends with the powdery-resin iris... But Ibitira goes further here... the iris is joined by a gentle and really delicate sea of flowers and the fragrance is now powdery-resiny-floral on my skin...

In summary, one can say that Ibitira smells of IDI 2007 at the beginning and rises to IDI Absolue after about 10 minutes... But then it rises further up and develops with meteotite speed to an independent and unique scent...!

Jacques Flori has done a wonderful job here... perfectly interwoven components, perfectly matched to each other and grandiosely finished...!

I think Prada's infusions are absolutely beautiful, but Ibitira is even better, which is also reflected in the price... and I think, rightly...

If you love infusions as much as I do, you can't get past Ibitira...

I hope I have given some courage to the still undecided infusion lovers...
Ibitira has got a permanent place in my collection and I absolutely do not regret it... Have courage, you will certainly not regret it :)
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Musky-Orrisey Perfume Uno
Blind-bought this 'fume fræ Notino, as they still had some of the pre-repackaging bottles (the tapering oblong ones), which they were selling at a substantially reduced, but still very high, price. Got it home, squirted some on cardboard - thought "doesn't seem a very big deal really". Intraspired @ it again a couple of days later - thought "at least it's got good tenacity". Decided to restrain myself fræ prematurely giving it a run-out: I didn't want to spoil the experience; as there was a whispering in my mind to the effect that, though it didn't ¯wow¯ me, it was actually thoroughly excellent; and besides I'd thitherto always taken extremely well to Xerjoff 'fumes, although I had always been able to tell my liking instantly.

Anyway, today I decided was the time for giving it its excurration (run-out): gave myself a generous few spritzes of it, resolutely entering into my best zen-like, °ain't no thing° state of mind; carefully let the 'fume come to me in its own time, not chasing after it or grasping at it & all that - blah blah etc: then ... it did come to me and ... oh my Wotan-Iluvatar-Primeumaton!! Whence be this sublime heavenly düft wherewithal I be presently espargenomenon!!?

Well, it lived up to my best expectations, as uw have possibly gathered, if uw can decypher the exclamations of rapture. This is one ^seriously^ gorgeous 'fume!

It is very much a musky-orrisey 'fume - a synergy of two of my °swoon-factor-11° notes. It seems to be a characteristic of Xerjoff 'fumes that they contain a musk that is sheerly °to die for°, and this 'fume does not let that mark down in the slightest degree.

There is a 'fume that this one mickle remindeth me of, actually, and that is ~Eclix~ by Tiziana Terenzi - another decidedly musky-orrisey 'fume.

I've just had a look @ the notes-list herein; and I see that orris is not listed, whereas iris ^is^. Still, I've gathered that it's quite common for orris to get y-lumpèn along with iris, ~iris~ being an °umbrella term° comprising both. Speaking more strictly though, I do aver that it's orris rather than iris.

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