Shooting Stars - Uden by XerJoff

Shooting Stars - Uden 2007

11.06.2021 - 07:30 PM

On a beach at sunset

This one definitely bears resemblances to Chanel AHEB and even some of the Sport Eau Extreme with the citruses and a sort of aldehydic/metallic touch in the opening. However, Uden has a big dose of ambergris, which is detectable immediately, and lends the scent a great depth and salty facet which reminds me of—no surprise, a beach. Uden has those notes of rum and coffee in the mid and base, which when mixed with the sandalwood and vanilla, mix to create a creamy, slightly bitter, slightly boozy, and definitely salty, finish. It's a delightful scent without a doubt, but in the air—can smell similar to the Chanel. However, performance is much better, IMO, with Uden and the addition of Ambergris. In the end, two different fragrances that can smell similar, especially in the air, but Uden exudes more class, has better longevity, and boasts a higher price tag to match. A nice unisex frag that leans a little more masculine side to me. The end effect reminds me of walking on a beach during the sunset sipping on a tropical cocktail.

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