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Among the big names in the perfume and fragrance industry, the French label "Yves Rocher" (actually "Groupe Yves Rocher") occupies a special position because it is particularly close to nature. The company's products are based exclusively on plant-based ingredients. In addition, "Yves Rocher" is committed to environmental protection and a positive ecological balance.

The company was founded in 1958 by Yves Rocher in the small town of La Gacilly in Brittany, France. What began as a mail-order business is now a global franchising company with around 1,500 retail stores and a buoyant online trade. In 2007, the turnover of the "Groupe Yves Rocher" was more than two billion US dollars.

The fragrances of the house can be divided into four categories: fresh, fruity, floral and woody. The fresh and summery fragrances, such as the eau de toilette "Naturelle Osmanthus" (lemon, cedar), all come in almost delicate flacons and delicate pastel colors. Violets and jasmine dominate the eau de parfum "Comme une Evidence" from the floral line, and the eau de toilette "Coconut" from the fruity collection probably needs no further explanation. And those who like it particularly floral, strong and exotic will certainly be delighted by the eau de parfum from the "So Elixir (Eau de Parfum)" series.

All fragrances of the "Groupe Yves Rocher" (perfume, deodorant, shower gel, lotion) are produced in an environmentally friendly way, because the founder of the company, who died in 2009, rejected artificial ingredients. As a result, all products of the label are very gentle and skin-friendly in use. At the same time, the "Groupe Yves Rocher" strives for a particularly environmentally friendly range of products with less plastic and biodegradable recycled cartons.
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