Ambre Noir by Yves Rocher

Ambre Noir 2013

26.02.2015 - 02:58 AM
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Ambiguously gendered, in a good way

Most of the notes in Ambre Noir were familiar to me from other Yves Rocher perfumes that were made for women. Having had a surprisingly good experiment with another Yves Rocher scent for men, I decided to give this one a try to broaden my collection and suit the more masculine swings of my somewhat fluid gender identity.

While the citrus notes are usually the ones that best complement my natural skin chemistry and make the perfume work on me, in Ambre Noir it's the spicy and woody notes that do the trick. Honestly, thinking of my collection of YR women's perfumes, it reminds me of Yria. Definitely more masculine than Yria, but the similarities are oddly striking considering they were released over 10 year apart from each other. One might easily think they are the male and female version of the same series.

Though Ambre Noir makes me think of a more masculine version of Yria, I would still consider it a unisex perfume, though perhaps slightly on the masculine side. It can pass as a very spicy women's perfume aimed at a slightly older user that I am at the moment. Maybe 30+?
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