Fraîcheur Végétale de… Chèvrefeuille

Fraîcheur Végétale de… Chèvrefeuille by Yves Rocher
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Fraîcheur Végétale de… Chèvrefeuille is a perfume by Yves Rocher for women. The release year is unknown. The scent is fresh-green. It is still available to purchase. Pronunciation
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HoneysuckleHoneysuckle Citrus fruitsCitrus fruits
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Submitted by DonVanVliet, last update on 01.04.2021.
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the aroma of honey and jasmine ...
... united in one flower: this is the secret of honeysuckle; also known as Chèvrefeuille, Honeysuckle or Jelängerjelieber.
Depending on the region, many more names are added; because if the heat and water supply are right, then this mostly pleasantly sweet and flowery fragrant tendril plant is tireless in leaves and flowers.
There is probably no farmer's garden in which it is missing and every shabby barn or pergola becomes a focal point through it when the rich floral splendour appears and the plant embraces its often wooden "host" with seemingly endless tendrils.

It is understandable that Yves Rocher tries again and again to bring the classic "Chèvrefeuille" from the seventies onto the market in various ways.
I can't understand why the original form was discontinued in the first place: I'm still missing this somewhat old-fashioned and rustic summer scent.

So the honeysuckle for the fragrance series "Fraîcheur de Végétale de Chèvrefeuille" was once again offered in a new modern packaging and with Mediterranean partners as summer friends.
And, of course, I had to buy this peasant child back then. There was no way around it!

The well known sweet honeysuckle blossom aroma with its reminiscences of honey and jasmine immediately waffled me friendly and cuddly.
Fortunately, unlike "Thé Vert" from the same series, lemon was not chosen as a companion here. Obviously, the honey jasmine sweetness was supported by a skillfully dosed amount of orange blossom aroma. I remember feeling a touch of bergamot all the way away.
So this scented girl with the sweet flower robe got a heart-warming girlfriend and the tips and scratches that lemon can often leave behind were spared to me.

Yes, "Fraîcher Végétale de Chèvrefeuille" is an intense floral-sweet fragrance, which can also appear a bit musty We all know what happens to jasmine, which is a bit "superimposed" - it smells quietly!
Probably the perception of the honeysuckle fragrance goes back to the slight hint of jasmine.
I myself felt this Chèvrefeuille like a lazy midsummer day spent in the southern garden: warm, cuddly and friendly. The abundant foliage of the tendrils provided playful shade and thus a fresh and green flower melange arose: a true sun child!

The shelf life of this fresh fragrance is not particularly long; it is intended as a refreshment and not as a daytime burner.
And yet I was surrounded for a long time by a breath of the delicate mixture of blossoms: more than a hunch than a scent.

I have to admit that this fragrance - like so many others from this time - was forgotten by me and only came back to my memory by browsing here.
If it really still exists, I will certainly bring a flacon with me on my next visit to the Yves Rocher shop: even if only for nostalgic reasons!
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Jazzy76Jazzy76 5 years ago
Too vibrant and citrusy at the first spray, not longlasting .I didn't like it.
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