Fraîcheur Végétale de… Thé Vert

Fraîcheur Végétale de… Thé Vert by Yves Rocher
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Fraîcheur Végétale de… Thé Vert is a perfume by Yves Rocher for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is fresh-green. The production was apparently discontinued. Pronunciation
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Green tea, Lemon



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Submitted by Lobelia, last update on 23.08.2019.
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welcome to the Gardens of the World
The first Yves Rocher shower gel collection "Jardins du Monde" included exactly three fragrances: "Moroccan Rose", "Green Tea" and "Cinnamon from Ceylon".
I ordered all three back then; I knew what I didn't like, and quickly found a new home among the fitness women.
My real favorite at that time was the rose; but here I was wrong! This fragrance finally formed the "scent lantern" of this original trio.
Although very beautiful, this rose field did not tear me from my stool!
"Cinnamon from Ceylon" was actually purchased as a kind of "follow-on", but then turned out to be a dreamlike winter scent: the warmth of cinnamon under the hot shower and then off to the sauna - pure enjoyment!
So the "green tea" made the race and this shower gel was also in use for years and a popular souvenir for meetings or a sudden informal invitation.
These scents were all soloists; except for the listed scent nobody played along here: that was good!
Unfortunately, this series was discontinued about two years ago (I'm not quite sure) and replaced by Duo fragrance gels.
Too bad, the charm of the predecessors cannot be revived!

I knew green tea from pot and cup. I still remember how astonished we were passionate tea drinkers when it became known that the water had to be cooled down again after boiling before the tea infusion. - Why is that?
This shows how long ago that was; today nobody is wondering about it anymore.

So it was natural that I stood in my Yves Rocher shop right after the introduction of "Fraîcheur Végétale de Thé Vert" and this fragrance had to belong to me very fast Spoiled by the shower gel's monothematic beloved freshness, I fogged myself, arrived at home, generously coughing, coughing!
Hey! What the hell happened here? At that time I didn't know anything about the presence of the lemon aroma in this scent, and yet my hypersensitivity was already so pronounced that we both, this "green tea" and I, fought a small fight: do I bear you or do I not bear you?
I'll say it straight away: I lost this battle after a few weeks and the green guy was allowed to travel on.
In the future we only watched each other carefully over the shoulder; in my presence he had a break from broadcasting: the new owner didn't want to answer for my watering eyes and runny nose.
I got stained on my face too!

It was a beautiful fresh summer companion, light and, like all little fragrances, not very durable for too long; those who tolerated it were happy with it!
Stubborn as I still am, I tried Elizabeth Arden's "Green Tea" later and had to paint the sails here as well.
Only this time I was smarter: I sniffed strangers and didn't spend any more money!
The possibility arose among us fitness women without any problems: we were just typical girls, albeit thirty, forty years over the expiration date of this term!
("Please let me smell ...! Hm!" - "Wow!" wasn't "in" at the time yet!)

Whether "Fraîcheur Végétale de Thé Vert" on the part of Yves Rocher had to strike the sails and was discontinued because Ms. Arden brought her fragrance onto the market, of course I do not know.
I found anyway in "Bambou" of this series and - if I did not exaggerate it - also in "Verveine" a new "After Sports Buddy"!

It turned out once more that not everything that is beautiful suits me.
And yet I remember the short time of the intense fight with "Fraîcheur Végétale de Thé Vert" as entertaining and above all instructive!
A tingling companion - but not for me!
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