Nuit d'Orchidée 1988

Nuit d'Orchidée by Yves Rocher
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Nuit d'Orchidée is a perfume by Yves Rocher for women and was released in 1988. The scent is floral-sweet. The production was apparently discontinued. Pronunciation
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Velvety Floral Vanilla
Yves Rocher is known (mostly in Europe) for delivering good value for the money. This opulent floriental is a prime example of that tendency. This orchid fume with a vanilla base is not, on the whole, the most challenging or shapeshifting composition; it is, however, very feminine, highly enjoyable, and deeply satisfying to wear. Seamless and well-rounded, it reminds me of a couple of it perfumes of similar vintage: Ungaro Senso (tuberose and vanilla), S de Scherrer (tiare and vanilla) and Fath de Fath (apricot and vanilla). For women who want to feel sexy without screaming that's so.
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56 Reviews
Sensual darkness in a bottle
This bottle is so right for this perfume , lets start whit that.
I was so shure i was finshed whit Yves Rocher after trying most off there perfumes for years .. been there done that kind off thoughts .. But suddenly i got an urge to try to get this Orchidee bottles again to smell.. Initialy it was all about the memorys this bottles and scents triggerd in me. a longing to smell and relive the past maybe..
so here we are whit this beauty again
This starts off quite strong on the alcohol Then goes into a dark dark orchidee, plum,sweet, and spicy mix. very oriental , very much adult IMO . like a temptres wearing silk velvet or other smooth textured fabrics. this is very sexy .. very warm alluring, whit a slight hint off warm vanilla not to sweet but warm and spicy.
I get an image in my minds eye smelling this. a dark night whit the moon shining ower a calm lake, white waterlilys flouting . its still warm in the air. the smell off warm exotic flowers lingering . a warm gental breeze cools the skin off a sensual lady out to just enjoy freedom and the night itselfs. thinking off here man. Dreamy and sensual is the key word to this for me . It is hard to describe the notes .. To me this is a perfume that makes memorys and pictures come to live again.lovely
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