Quelques Notes d'Amour L'Eau de Parfum by Yves Rocher

Quelques Notes d'Amour L'Eau de Parfum 2014

01.11.2014 - 05:05 PM
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Rosy floral in the YR style

Yves Rocher is a brand traditionally known for their semi-serious, cheaply priced or at least affordable perfumes and body products, and it seems things are still as they were back in the 90s when little packages with green print came in the post every once in a while, and our grandmothers and mother had to be serious about keeping us off the contents before they had had the chance to salvage whatever it is they wanted. Sample sachets and minis usually ended up with us. Few of those old lines remain, but e.g. Mûre Sauvage is just like the blackberry-scented stuff we had in the 90s, and I am very glad for my shower gel and small EdT from the current collection.

Anyway. I have never been one for the more grown-up YR perfumes because I find that they are too often steeped in rose, which I usually don’t tolerate at large doses. Sniffing Quelques Notes d’Amour in the shop, I just wrote it off as another soapy rose from YR and got my Mûre Sauvages and Pêche Jaunes and left.
The SA, however, did include a sample sachet of Quelques Notes because it is a new release, and I am fortunate that she did! It is actually a far less soapy and rosy perfume than I initally thought, and the top and heart notes resemble the current big brand perfumes with clean accords of bergamot, berries and some cleaned-up white flowers, I wanna say tuberose but I can’t be sure. It smells good in the inoffensive manner of contemporary mainstream perfumery.

This is still a rose perfume at its heart, though, and as the top and heart notes fade away you are left with a musky base of rose. Which for me screams soap, in a bad way. It is not the most long-lasting and the rose-musky base turns pungent when I sweat, which is not good, but then wearing perfume to strenuous physical exercise is not my top priority anyway.

I tend not to buy perfumes if I do not like the heart and base notes, but I may make an exception because YR sells minis and other small sizes of their perfumes for pocket change. And this is, after all, more than just rose — maybe it could be my gateway perfume into rosy scents. The dude seems to love rose at least, so I might just keep this one around for when I feel like treating him to something delicious.

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