Secrets d'Essences - Rose Oud by Yves Rocher

Secrets d'Essences - Rose Oud 2016

17.05.2016 - 12:35 PM

Dusty memory

I love the first wave of Rose Oud. It is truly delightful. Strong, exotic, dignified and strangely melancholic. It bears a beautiful secret and a promise to reveal it. It's like an erotic promise, long look in the eye, touch of naked skin. Unfortunately, the spell is broken quickly, there is no intoxicating night, nor hasty greed of lovers. Sensual damask rose withers, shrinks, leaving only a dusty memory. For a moment I can smell the leathery and woody note of oud, however, without rose essence it becomes muffled, as if buried underneath desert sand.

Rose Oud is dry, somewhat dull, as if roasted by the sun during the day and then quickly chilled by the darkness of the night. It lacks something, does not sound full sound. It lacks space, third dimension. I guess it's the rose that ruins it all. It should be a fresher one, not so exhausted by heat, juicy and fleshy. A drop of water in the desert, which would provide a luminousity and life to the composition, enhancing by contrast the beauty of wood notes. Perhaps resinous labdanum note would become more prominent.

The big dissapointment of Rose Oud is its lasting power. The scent evaporates from my skin very quickly, after a while I do not feel it on my clothes either.

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