Cuir de Nuit (2019)

Cuir de Nuit by Yves Rocher
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Cuir de Nuit is a new perfume by Yves Rocher for women and was released in 2019. The scent is gourmand-sweet. It is being marketed by Groupe Rocher.

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Fragrance Notes

Papua vanilla, Ivory Coast cocoa, Coffee, Mauritian pink pepper



7.6 (31 Ratings)


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5.7 (34 Ratings)
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I know maybe I'm late but I wish you all a merry Christmas!
I have not written a text for a long time now! Admittedly, it was a little due to my own laziness and the Christmas stress I had... No I don't try to justify my laziness!:D I love Christmas, but the stress is part of it, I think. Especially if you come from an extended family... Christmas was for me, just beautiful! Above all, the togetherness with the family at the delicious Christmas dinner is, as always, just beautiful!:))))) I hope you all had a nice Christmas time too :) Anyway, there are many people here who would like to rave about this fragrance, because I wanted to test it and see how it would develop on my skin:) Also my grandfather was very curious how the smell would probably smell :) The scents sounded very promising, so I ordered a small 5ml bottle from yves rocher. When the little bottle finally arrived I was very curious how, which would probably smell:) I wanted to test the fragrance together with my grandfather because I wanted to see on which skin it would develop well. I dabbed two drops on my wrist and on my grandfather's from the perfume...

I will now describe the course of the fragrance on my skin but also on my grandfather's skin, something I must emphasize I was extremely surprised how different but also different this fragrance developed on every skin!

The scent on my skin:
Starts very, very sweet! I could smell at the beginning very clearly a sweet but nevertheless a light artificial vanilla note... I must say that I have never smelled such a vanilla note in any fragrance before! I found her to be very soothing... But she also made a slight special impression Unfortunately I could not smell coffee at all! Much more a subtle lavender note, even my grandfather could smell the lavender note just like me! Now comes the special part: I had mentioned at the beginning that the scent on my skin was very sweet... But after exactly 5min. the scent, or rather the vanilla note, was suddenly no longer sweet but fresh... I've never smelled a vanilla note that's fresh... I only know the sweet and heavy vanilla notes! The fresh vanilla note was new to both me and my grandfather: I could smell the cocoa very discreetly, but when I had to sniff it with my nose very close to my wrist! The scent had hardly changed or better said not at all! Unfortunately I could not smell the scent after 4.hours... Too bad!
So now I describe the scent on the skin of my grandfather:)

The scent on my grandfather's skin:
With him the smell process began very similarly as with me, only that it was MUCH MUCH sweeter... With him the vanilla note wasn't so much in the foreground as it was with me, but he thought he smelled a leather note...It wasn't an ordinary leather note, but a musty but also powdery leather note, which was strongly present throughout the fragrance...With him the sweet note remained strongly present, which my grandfather doesn't like at all, especially not with himself! He could smell a spicy note, but I could also smell it clearly in the base note... My grandfather began to grin and said that this scent would remind him a little bit of an old leather bag:D The scent simply reminded me very strongly of another scent that unfortunately has not come to my mind until now... But it is well said that everyone perceives scents differently! And that is also true!:) With him I could not smell a vanilla note or cocoa! Much more a musty leather note...:D Also with him the scent had not changed much except that the sweet note was no longer so strongly present after 3.hours.

And once again it was very interesting for me how, different but fragrances can be especially on the skin! I just love such comparisons because I, for myself, have noticed that I can train my nose so better:) I hope very much that, this text has become good:)
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8.0 7.0 8.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    13
soft lullaby
The husband and I are not early risers - simply because we are late risers.

This fact is known among friends and is also accepted.
In emergencies, of course, we always jump to the phone.
That too is well known.

Only the girlfriend ignores our often asked request for undisturbed rest periods, and the phone rang every 10 minutes from 8 am today.

I know she wants to chat because she's bored.

The husband and I turned on the mattress like the propellers and looked for sleep.

Finally the doorbell rang and the husband came back with a parcel from his best friend from far away Weimar.

Yes ! That's a reason to be awakened.
I joyfully inspected the contents.
Night leather ?

But at the start we are soothed by soft vanilla, accompanied by delicately sweet cocoa - a real smoothing nerve.
The pink pepper is also sweet and a hint of coffee floats through the room.
I still perceive subtle soft suede that gently envelops me.

Cuir looks like a quiet lullaby - because we snuggle up again in the feathers and take ourselves another "cap" sleep
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8.0 8.0 8.0 10.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    20
The oasis of peace !
Cuir de Nuit, I had in a 5 ml bottle to try. On Monday I got the 5 ml bottle and today I took 40 kilometers to buy the scent (100ml) in a Yves Rocher store, because I couldn't stand it anymore without this scent.

The little bottle is almost empty! Normally 5 ml last some time, this immense consumption clearly shows what I think of this heavenly scent. Cuir de Nuit is for me the most wonderful vanilla, comforting, encouraging, dreamy, she takes the fragrant one into other worlds. Magic and peace unite here.

Thank God (!) this scent has nothing to do with leather. It has a positive effect on the psyche if you have had a hard, long or difficult day. Vanilla is clearly dominant in this wonderful act, but with floral notes as well! And, I have also told it to the blue mouse: a little I also sniff out lavender, though not stated.
But exactly this imaginary lavender note gives a "coming down" from the stressful fast everyday life.
The therapy, the fragrant well-being, is exactly that, Cuir de Nuit !

After half an hour, I also smelled benzoin (also not in this fragrance). This resinous, slightly sweetly powdery, what comes out of it, reminds me of a fragrance by Yves Rocher that has long since been discontinued. To the wonderful magical Ode au Réve.
This soft powdery dominant note also possesses Cuir de Nuit. That makes me happy as a Yves Rocher fan, long time stopped fragrances immensely.

The two fragrances are not 100% similar, but I have recognized the wonderful aura of both. A reminder, so to speak, of the wonderful memories I had with Ode au Réve. It was launched on the market in 2001. It's always been my favorite bedtime scent. Since this wonderful aura always made me sleep well.

Durability and Sillage are good: The fragrance kept on me 7-8 hours and Sillage was medium. One is noticed and likes to smell. With this fragrance, Yves Rocher has created a new sensual classic that I hope will delight us for many years to come.

I will definitely stockpile this "oasis of peace". Safe is safe !
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