Sable Fauve (2019)

Sable Fauve by Yves Rocher
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Sable Fauve is a new perfume by Yves Rocher for women and was released in 2019. The scent is sweet-gourmand. It is being marketed by Groupe Rocher.

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Marie Salamagne

Fragrance Notes

Tonka bean, Laotian benzoin, Spanish cistus



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272 Reviews
Helpful Review    2
A Lion Has a Beautiful Fawny Coat
Wait till you sniff the new Sable Fauve. It will knock your socks off. That's what happened to me while checking out the six new releases from Yves Rocher La Collection Parfums, Cuir de Nuit and Sable Fauve blew my mind!

Allegedly designed to recall tawny sand, the warmth of the sun on the skin, Sable Fauve is just too floral, sweet, gourmand, and vanillic. The tonka you get here is an almond and smoke subtlety of this kind of roasted beans, from the synthetic coumarin, became more renowned thanks to its use in Shalimar By Jacques Guerlain in 1921. A sweet and fresh note will rise from bottom to heart of the fragrance, lingering on the skin for hours whilst enriching the overall fragrance. As used in Sable Fauve it has a sweet odor readily recognized as the scent of newly mown hay. Alongside its herbaceousness, it displays a slight spicy inclination – as well as a vanillic aspect, which is why often people confound it with the vanilla. This warmth also extends to encompass notes of caramel. I admire its creaminess and powdery notes, bringing depth and character to the fragrance once combined with benzoin and labdanum, here used to give a gourmand and oriental touch. An alternative to vanilla, tonka features heavily in iconic fragrances with a fruity-candy aroma, such as Thierry Mugler’s Angel and Le Mâle by Jean-Paul Gaultier, just to mentions a few.

But tonka is not the main note, it is a background supporter, rather the star is benzoin, with its velvety finish and pronounced fruity note, reminiscent of stewed Morello cherries, this is the sweetheart of many a perfume, including Sable Fauve. This is a real bomb of benzoin. What everyone calls vanilla in their reviews is the note of benzoin dominating this fragrance. Ditto, tonka bean is there, too, but most of all it's all about the leading benzoin. I do get a floral accord in the heart, synthetic notes of benzyl acetate, benzyl benzoato, and linalool are present among the ingredients, which are found naturally in many flowers, including ylang-ylang, gardenia, hyacinth and jasmine, the former and the latter I recognize here with a scent that is heady, spicy, slightly sweet and fruity (one of the reasons that makes white flowers so addictive for some and revolting for others).

Hold on, is this perfume all too cloying, sugary, sickly? Of course not! Sable Fauve features labdanum, which is used to create a resinous, woody-amber accord, reminiscent of ambergris and incense, and tone down the sweetness. The brown-eyed rockrose, Cistus ladanifer, is a species of a flowering shrub, the broad evergreen leaves are covered by glandular hairs that exude the odoriferous oleo-resin we call labdanum, better known to some gardeners as Rock Rose, which is a pillar of chypre perfumes and many Orientals. This warm and complex resin is sometimes perceived as leathery, sometimes honey-like, with hints of plum.

It's a pleasant fragrance, a very great one. Well made and long-lasting. I've had it on for about all day now, and it's still quite prominent. But at the end of the day, it's just benzoin. I have smelled this type of accord in other fragrances before, yet this one is excellent. This perfume is a nice surprise, now I've seen everything. The benzoin here is incredibly well done, so elegant, resinous, even smoky! Also, accompanied by the right amount of tonka and just a taste of labdanum, it stays cozy till the end.

A perfect feast for the wintertime, and long-lasting too. In my conclusion, it is a naive bet, a perfume with character and timelessness, and I see it harmless for wearing at the office. On the outfit side, nothing to complain about. I fancy the fact that it is not heady from the start but that it remains stable throughout the day with a tendency towards the gourmand-sweet side at the end of the day. This perfume is a fine pick, in the same collection I also really fancied Cuir de Nuit, which I've reviewed already. Although I found it a very good perfume, and I've bought it, I like less sweet amber, more dry and spicy, but it's my personal taste.

5.0 5.0 7.0/10

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Helpful Review    3
Boom! Cuddle with me!
The perfume came to me as a gift. I had thought about buying it, but sometimes coincidence is a nice player.

The appearance of the flacon is not very attractive. Some drugstore waters have a nicer packaging, but in the end you can't smell the bottle. I hope that the glued label will remain presentable for a long time. If only it had been designed a little more on Reteo!

The first smell was very booming for me. I was scared, because somehow I had expected something softer when putting it together. But when the first buzz is over, a nice warm smell remains. It is not complex, and development is also more than restrained. However, the smell reminds me of old perfumes of YR, it smells strongly of that typical YR smell I always liked. Whatever it is, it is not really an overwhelming fragrance, but a solid everyday scent.

After about three hours it loses intensity close to the body, on clothing it remains well perceptible even after hours. It changes from a slightly oriental wummser to a cuddly scent, it is a perfect match for winter.

It wouldn't be a fragrance I really need. But he's not someone who necessarily has to leave me. Since I still have it fresh, I have to load it with stories. It is still like a white leaf that still wants to be painted. I'm waiting to see what colors this fragrance will eventually wear
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4.0 5.0 5.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    9
Sable Fauve turned to ashes...
Sable Fauve I had quickly tested in a Yves Rocher store weeks ago and considered him a La Vie Est Belle copy, but in my defence I must say that I also tested other fragrances on that day
Still, I couldn't get the scent out of my head. Not even correctly assigned, I decided to make a blind purchase. Sable Fauve finally arrived today. Compliments to the beautiful box. While unpacking, I saw the bottle "in kind": kindly said, a bit too simple. Unfortunately, there is nothing special about the bottle shape here anymore, as I actually know it from Yves Rocher. Unfortunately, the sticked overprint does the rest, it will surely become unsightly after some time or peel off. Here already times minus points!

I can still overlook that, if the scent promises what it wants to say, so first sprayed: The sprayer "shoots" more like a revolver, than that it can be sprayed pleasantly.
I spray and first smell a nice pleasant sweetness, which then fades like a "dead angle", only after 10 minutes, a hunch comes to So Elixir Bois Sensuel, but, in diluted form almost like a failed reformulation. Or a simple eau de toilette to this fragrance.

Sable Fauve has unfortunately no depth, as I know it from the So Elixir fragrances. Sable Fauve, already begins to fade after not even 2 hours. No soul, no statement! If this is reddish brown sand, it is more like sand that is swept away by the wind. Where So Elixir Bois Sensuel seduces with delicate (honey)sweetness and harmony, Sable Fauve leaves nothing profound. It's not too sweet for that, for all those who already had problems with So Elixir Bois Sensuel.

The shelf life is very modest. After 3 hours there was practically nothing left which could be called a fragrance. Sillage weak.

I was very much looking forward to Sable Fauve, hoping it would come quite close to the long since discontinued Yves Rocher Nature Millenaire fragrance, which I already liked with the earthy campaign back then. Nature Millenaire smelled wonderful, sweet, floral and earthy. One could have designed Sable Fauve better, but that would probably not have allowed the budget of the new fragrance series.

I am unfortunately not satisfied with Sable Fauve and even more sad that they did not dare to create a fragrance in the style of Nature Millenaire. I like Cuir de Nuit better than that.
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7.0 7.0 7.0 8.0/10

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Very helpful Review    10
Soft sand
Yesterday post came from Rocher fluttered into the house, and lured with special offers.

I was not told twice, because the free Mascara is very convenient for me.
And also the husband was not averse to a visit with Rocher, because he likes the scents - and the shampoo.

I immediately got to grips with the new summer fragrances - starting with Sable Fauve.
An unusual fragrance - but interesting.

The title red-brown sand, however, is somewhat misleading, because Fauve is not dry at all.
Nothing crunches here.
And if I could give the scent a color, it'd be sun gold.

The tonka bean is round and vanilla and the sweetish cistus rose harmonises perfectly with it.
Zistrose always speaks to me in scents anyway.

This sand is as fine as powder - and you walk on it like on clouds.
The sun bathes this scene in golden light.

I am ready to buy, but the seller informs me that the new summer fragrances are excluded from the discount.

Well, then I will be patient - because Sable also fits into the winter
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Elysium 13 days ago
Tonka isn't the protagonist, the star is benzoin, with its velvety finish and pronounced fruity note reminiscent of stewed Morello cherries!+1

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