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With Yves Saint Laurent, everything happened very quickly. He discovered his passion for fashion very early and was strongly supported by his mother in the development of his creative ability. As for many other designers, the world of fashion was a refuge for him.

When he started studying at 17, he won several awards for his designs. Due to his exceptional skills, he met and worked for Christian Dior through connections. At the age of only 21, he became an art director. Due to various a little unsightly concatenations, the working relationship between Laurent and Dior broke up in bad, but this would soon prove to be a stroke of luck for Laurent, laying the foundation for his company.

One of the most beautiful sentences that can be said about fashion comes from him: "Nothing is more beautiful than a naked body. The most beautiful garment a woman can wear is the embrace of a man who loves her. And for those who do not find this happiness, I am here!"
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