Kouros (Eau de Toilette) by Yves Saint Laurent

Kouros 1981 Eau de Toilette

03.10.2022 - 01:38 PM
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Sure that if you try Kouros and you are a modern "male", accustomed to those sweet and cloying metrosexual scents that smells like pastry and make you look like a cream puff filled with vanilla cream and covered with cinnamon .... and well, I don't I will certainly wait for words of appreciation.
The fact is that Kouros is a masterpiece, period. A perfume, certainly, son of another era but which, today, still inspires many creations of that niche segment.
Charles de Riz version, 81-86.
He opens strongly with vaguely sour, aromatic and green hints, accompanied by strong soapy aldehydes that taste clean. The scent is constantly supported by the slightly dirty musky base, by the leather and by a vaguely sweet note but which is not sweet. The overall result is a clean dirty smell, but which is not dirty in the true sense of the word, but rather carnal and corporal. On the other hand, as Bourdon himself declared, this perfume is the son of a particular phase of his life, deaf and ambiguous, marked by carnal and faithful passions, a period in which the same perfumer was struggling between lover and wife; in the light of these anecdotes, this creation can well be understood and interpreted.
Beautiful, really beautiful and unique. Brilliant. For me, an eternal nostalgic for the past, growing up with my father who used all those men's perfumes from the 1970s and later, Kouros represents (together with other classic or classic-style masterpieces) the perfume par excellence that a male should still have. today.
For sure to try, in the original version of course. I don't know how the new one is and I'm not even in a hurry to test it since I have a good supply of the original 80's.
Definitely masculine, 100%, but I would love to smell it on a woman. Good longevity and nice projection / sillage for the firs hour, than it sits on the skin, i would say adeguate for these kind of fragrance.
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