L'Homme Ultime (2016)

L'Homme Ultime by Yves Saint Laurent
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L'Homme Ultime is a popular perfume by Yves Saint Laurent for men and was released in 2016. The scent is fresh-spicy. It is being marketed by L'Oréal.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesGrapefruit, Ginger, Cardamom seed
Heart Notes Heart NotesRose, Clary sage, Geranium
Base Notes Base NotesCedar, Vetiver



7.9 (235 Ratings)


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7.9 (220 Ratings)
Submitted by Michael, last update on 11.03.2020.
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8.0 7.0 7.0 9.0/10

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Helpful Review    7
Let us surprise you
J: Bernd, we haven't seen each other for a really long time... when was it?
B: Etza griasde dies a mol, s measures jez gau drui or four years ago seii.
J: Yeah that's true, back then you always carried your One Million.
(Bernd interrupts enthusiastically)
B: That's right, the water is subbricky, but my wife mows it, but it's all the same equipment J: What might be the reason for that Bernd. Now I have something new for you :)
B: Ebbes nuis?
J: I think it might suit your taste.
B: Hanoi, I don't need nothing nuis... of kosht just like a heather money.
J: Just listen to me for once.
B: OKE i halt scho mei gosch, woisch ja..
J: Well, the fragrance is called L'Homme Ultime, it combines fine citric chords with cardamom and then drops the whole thing into a bed of roses.
B: Des ka i mir zmol it vorschtella, des des des nach ebbes riached... zitrisch mäh i nur d toilettreiniger, Karrrdamom sounds like so a stubborn ÄS Ti Di und Rose?! desch doch alleweil it männlich!
*ffft* *ffft* *schnuff* *schnuff*

J: Well how do you like the ?
B: D HAMMER, THAT HAS I ITT THINK... what is the name of nommol? iif soo lorää? Lom Ultimää?
J: Right :)

Fine combination of L'Homme DNA.
At first you still take a lot of it, but slowly the rose comes to the fore, wonderful.
In the finish, a few woods are then added to the floral sweetness.
The DNA is not bubbling over with masculinity, contrary to the name, it is rather a statement that L'Homme Ultime.
I was also very happy to finally find a YSL L'Homme fragrance with sufficient S / H, I found the dilution especially in relation to L'Homme very unfortunate.
Give him a chance!
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9.0 7.0 8.0 8.0/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    32
My number one
Because this outstanding fragrance has now become my No. 1, I deleted my previous comment and am now reapplying it to give more expression to my enthusiasm:

Yeah, that's it, a megaduft, the best, my darling, Superscent, Nasenweide, and everything else ;-)

But fun aside, what counts is my respect for this perfume art and my fondness for this YSL. At the beginning the Ultime didn't have an easy time with me. Because just a year ago, it was a can't-decide-me-fragrance for months on end, although I can usually tell quickly whether I like a perfume or not. So why of all things this Flanker became a YOU fragrance for me seems a little strange to me from today's point of view. But perhaps the affection had to develop first, even if the flirting should last over half a year ...

When L'Homme Ultime is sprayed on for the first time, an attractive presence is immediately audible, casting a spell over its wearer. Because the fragrance juggles with two contrary attributes that I particularly like: fruity (slightly flowery) freshness on the one hand, and smoky peppery spiciness on the other:

It starts very refreshingly with the grapefruit, more fruity-soft than citric-herb, and already slightly fired by the cardamom. After approx. 15 minutes a fine, discreet floweriness is added, because we have already arrived at the heart of the rose. So the Ultime now seems a little more floral, more sweet, although still fruity and spicy. It is noticeable that this contrast of fresh fruitiness and spicy spiciness is always differentiated, i.e. individually perceptible. This is exactly what makes it so attractive for me and creates a high transparency in the fragrance, which also gives it a certain lightness. It is very balanced, because the two opposing directions are roughly in balance, which creates an almost noble aura, also supported by the cedar, which constantly contributes something smoky to the fragrance. Fascinating! And towards the end a moderate vetiver is added and sets another counterpoint. So the scent stands for a constant attracting effect ... and that quite persevering (lasts on clothes about 7 to 8 hours).

All in all a very valuable elixir, harmonious and finely tuned, almost too aesthetic, too perfect. So could it possibly be this attribute that kept me from ordering it at first?

... Wait a minute, this suddenly gives me a suspicion. Perhaps this beautiful fragrance was in the shadow of an even more beautiful one? Because my collection is also adorned by another designer fragrance that dominates the rose vs. spice theme and performs similarly well here at Parfumo. It's the Déclaration d'un Soir by Cartier, but it's much more "extroverted", which I particularly like. So could the Big Brother Little Brother Syndrome have caused my hesitation to include this wonderful Frenchman in my collection?

Be that as it may, after months of indecision the YSL Ultime was finally allowed to move in with me, so that I have been using it for about half a year now. The fact that he was able to develop into the top of my collection is probably due to several characteristics that are unique for me in this combination: It manages to be extremely balanced despite ambivalent scents, combines mild floral fruit with fine smoky spice, is light as a feather and transparent, relatively linear in scent, and that for up to 8 hours with good sillage. It is never intrusive, fits almost any occasion and season and can be worn at any age. What more could you ask for?

Finally, a little tip for perfumers who don't know him yet: If you like Armanis Profumo or Versaces Dylan Blue, maybe you should take a closer look at this YSL L'Homme Ultime ...

My No.1

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8.0 7.0 8.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    53
A change
A wonderful day together.
We would like to inform you today that we can welcome another new member of our team in the summer transfer window. He smells with us from now on and will strengthen us again. We have been keeping an eye on him for quite some time, but it never came to a conclusion.
It's L'Homme Ultime and it was a barter deal that we hope to get a lot out of.

Lena Lavendel (Woman in the Mirror): What? Who's gone? The beautiful one? Or the sweetie? Oh God, hopefully not the porn loop!
Schoork: Mrs. Lavendel, I don't know who you mean explicitly, but our gentleman in midfield has left us. He's always been a good performer, but seldom got a chance.

Rudi Rose (Hörzu): And you mean the new guy gets more to the move?
Schoork: Absolutely. He brings a certain freshness, but is still quite gallant. I think he will be able to show what he can do in the summer preparation.

Viktor Vetiver (RTL): Rumor has it that you've observed him before, but haven't committed to him.
Schoork: That's correct. We observed him a good year ago, at first he didn't convince us so much. At the second trial we found him better and he stayed on our radar. But we were satisfied with the team and did not consider it necessary to commit him immediately.

Norbert Neroli (FAZ): Why now the commitment?
Schoork: Basically the price was not right at first, we also have to pay attention to our budget for additional players and differentiate between what our absolute dream players are and what we add. But the exchange was useful here and we are happy about it.

Lena Lavendel (woman in mirror): Oh great. A supplement player. I thought we were seeing a megastar here. And I also put on my transparent blouse.
Schoork: Yes that irritates even a little Mrs. Lavender.

Thorsten Tabak (Playboy): Why do you get the average?
Schoork: Stop! L'Homme Ultime is not an average. I want to make that clear. Since he's been there, he's fully convinced us and will get his stakes. Since we are constantly rotating as far as the sprayers are concerned we are happy to have more possibilities with him. Here is a video with his best sprayers.

Lena Lavendel (woman in the mirror): Oh! It's delicious. Yummy! He's good-looking. So optically. Can I see him topless? I'm a little hot.
Schoork: Was I clear.

Bernhard Bergamotte (Sat1): Looks really promising. Optically he's doing something.
Schoork: Absolutely. But what is important to us is what it contains and that is a very noble technique. The freshness already mentioned at the beginning is excellent, then it becomes very filigree. He has a very fancy scent style. We always like it better.

Peter Patchouli (WAZ): What about the condition?
Schoork: Really good. He has very good scores and you can go the extra mile with him. It is lively at the beginning and has a certain lightness. That's not just because he's fresh, he's taking good care of it. As I said, very filigree. It also adds some spice to the game.

Lena Lavendel (woman in mirror): Haf if fon experiences, daf if also filigree bin?
Schoork: No the information I had not yet and take the pen out of your mouth.

Mike Moos (picture): Does he have a criminal record? Any dirty secrets known? We'll think of something else. Is there something there? Does he have a criminal record?
Schoork: No, he's very clean. A crime may be most of his brothers.

Lena Lavendel (woman in the mirror): So no bad boy? Hach! Well, deep waters are still, ne?
Schoork: Oh man!

Markus Moschus (star): How do you plan with him?
Schoork: He will harmonize super with grapefruit and ginger at the front, but then he can drop something to steer the game with rose and cedar. This will look very harmonic and well constructed at first.

Lena Lavendel (woman in the mirror): I find the sweet. I'm writing Sweet Fruit at Flower Sting. Hach sting...
Schoork: Yes he is sweet too, but we don't want to exaggerate Mrs. Lavendel.

Oscar Oud (NRZ): Where do you see him exactly?
Schoork: Actually, I see him in the defensive office, on the left-hand leisure track or on the right evening. You can vary that. This is of course an additional plus.

Lena Lavendel (woman in the mirror): I could also vary, if necessary.
Schoork: Yes, we already know that and now you're putting something on again.

If there are no further questions left, I would like to thank all participants. We will see our new acquisition more often in the near future and look forward to it. We're sure we'll like him forever.
Thank you.

Lena Lavendel (woman in the mirror): Now I didn't press the button because of all the excitement. Can we start again? Hello? Hello? Orr ne ey! And where's my pen?
22 Replies
9.0 8.0 8.0 9.0/10

5 Reviews
Helpful Review    4
For all the rose lovers out there, MUST HAVE.
As a huge rose fan, I'd suggest people to have this fragrance. It is such a great take on rose on masculine side while keeping it fresh and youthful. It lingers around a lot, like even if you don't want to sniff it, you'll get wiffs of it. It is not offensive at all, doesn't smell feminine and neither smells like grandma. The price point is perfect for such a great crowd pleaser yet somewhat unique fragrance. If you want to get into rose game but are worried about where to start from then this is the perfect fragrance for you.


DPArtist 128 days ago
A bright & uplifting scent. A fine blend of notes that doesn't allow one to dominate,instead creating something which is both elegant & fun!+2

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