La Nuit de L'Homme (2019)Eau de Parfum

La Nuit de L'Homme (Eau de Parfum) by Yves Saint Laurent
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La Nuit de L'Homme (Eau de Parfum) is a new perfume by Yves Saint Laurent for men and was released in 2019. The scent is sweet-spicy. It is being marketed by L'Oréal.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesGrapefruit, Cardamom
Heart Notes Heart NotesClary sage, Lavender absolute
Base Notes Base NotesSandalwood, Patchouli, Vetiver



7.5 (89 Ratings)


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Submitted by Jazzbob, last update on 15.12.2019.
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Helpful Review    7
Hello first. I don't know if they knew
Hello first. I don't know if they knew, but this one's not a bad one.

Sure, the old eau de toilette would have been there, but I mean, it doesn't have to be. But I really have to say, I am fully satisfied.

The first La nuit de l'homme as eau de toilette that I had, so seven years ago, I gave away again. About seven years ago. Somehow he must have made a pretty bad impression on me after all. They sell them for a lot of ash these days. But all right, that's the way it is.

I mean, okay, I'm not the guy who's into that now. Here's to sweet, fruity and spicy things. But well, somehow you get older, no.

In this way I continued my search for perfume. I really have everything
i tried it. I wanted to bribe the Douglas employee, I wanted to
invite her over for dinner. But not a chance. She gave me the perfume the same way. That's too bad.

Unfortunately, I made a mistake with the bottle. Stupidly bought the L'Intense. But they really look almost the same. I tried to exchange it. Well, when I was released from custody the next morning, he was already out of stock.

Yeah, and now I've just bought this perfume somewhere else. No, but otherwise I have to say, I am completely satisfied. And we're getting along really well. But I mean, perfume doesn't have all the advantages, of course. It's a bit stupid that my wife doesn't like it, so you can live with it. Separate beds have something for themselves.

Well, the beginning is really very fresh-fruity. But after a while, joah, the whole thing becomes pretty spicy, slightly sweet. You can also not complain about the shelf life and the Sillage. Nah, so if I didn't know now.

No, but otherwise I really have to say, I am fully satisfied and I
mine with the current new publications is also appealed again and again,
to provide the best possible perfumes. That's why I'm now
i also thought I might give someone else a chance and let him move in with me. I need to see it. Should one actually do.


Your Profumorist
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7.0 7.0 8.0 7.0/10

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Very helpful Review    5
The bright soft masculinity
The first thing you can notice is an intense and powerful sweet and fruity note, which has a very fine, fresh and bitter aura in the background and is due to the grapefruit.

At the same time, the grapefruit is surrounded by a deep, aromatic, slightly sweet, smooth note, which also brings a certain spice and comes from the cardamom and this interplay of the two notes provides a light showery aura.

A little bit the grapefruit and also the showery aura has completely said goodbye, but the cardamom is still very well perceptible and melts with an ethereal sweet, slightly spicy tart note, which gives the scent a pleasant masulinity and comes from the muscatel sage
At the same time there is a delicate Mediterranean herbaceous note, which gives the fragrance a nice soft brightness and is due to the lavender - absolute.

In the last 3.5 hours, an intense creamy and woody note can be perceived, which gives the fragrance a pleasant, subtle soft spice and comes from the sandalwood.

Patchouli and vetiver I couldn't see, because sandalwood is surrounded by a very intense synthetic powdery aura, which unfortunately has the potential to annoy the wearer and I have tipped here on a good portion of musk.

In total the fragrance lasts 8 hours on my skin.

The Sillage is conceived from the outset in such a way that one is clearly noticed at a whole arm's length and this is maintained also 3.5 hours in such a way, before it reduces itself up to the conclusion of the smell in quiet steps.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to our perfume "Maxiskiste" for the bottling.
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Greatly helpful Review    14
Indiana Jones and the difference between vintage and retro
vintage (adj.) - (of everyday objects, clothes etc.) older [and used], but again in fashion
retro (adj.) - imitating elements of earlier styles in music, design etc.

As some here on Parfumo may already know, I am one of the lucky ones who were allowed to own the original EdT La Nuit de l'Homme and have been captivated by it. This was a cardamom-heavy and darker version of today's EdT, which could show more potency.

After the first few messages that the new Eau de Parfum (neither the Le Parfum, nor the L'Intense) should be a new launch of the magical original elixir, I immediately participated in a sharing (thanks Bajki) and expected the fragrance mail full of anticipation.

By now you may already know what it's like with the fragrance hype. With the alleged scent twins and the better power of the new batch. Let's be honest: this will rarely be true. Or let's be a little more specific: Only rarely will these matches be 100%. For some perfumers, even a slight similarity is a similarity. Are the scented twins here monozygotic or diozygotic? This is a question of subjective definition.

Now to the Eau de Parfum from the La Nuit de l'Homme series itself. As many have already mentioned, a lot happens within a short time, which makes the fragrance a little exhausting in the beginning. Yes, it starts very fruity. However, this combination of fruit and leather is so potent that it is rather overripe fruit. A very strong sweetness is nothing new at YSL Parfüms. Lavender is of course still in play, otherwise it wouldn't be La Nuit anymore (the irony, I know). But what I can't ignore now is the leather. It is not listed here with the ingredients, with Fragrantica it is, some have mentioned it, for me it is present.

At the beginning of my "perfume career" I couldn't do anything with leather scents. Maybe it would be even more honest to say that they really disgusted me. In the course of time I became a big fan and became friends with Tuscan Leather, Ombré Leather, Gucci Guilty Absolute and many more. The leather here is pretty strong, pretty dark. Maybe you know that when the leather in a scent has an almost smoky quality? I feel that in this fragrance.

That all sounds really great. I like leather, I like fruity, I also like lavender in more modern scents. So what's the problem? Very simple: It's like liking chocolate, doner kebab and watermelon. You can enjoy these three treats individually, but you probably wouldn't eat them at the same time. Unfortunately, we have this effect in the new Eau de Parfum. I find that the combination of these three very prominent notes is not very harmonious. Even scents that touch us usually have a harmony that makes the scent so special for us. Here, however, it feels as if it has been combined in a very awkward way. The fragrance is cumbersome, clumsy and by no means as elegant as the irreplaceable OG La Nuit de l'Homme. Durability and Sillage are better than with the present EdT, but for me personally this brings only little.

That's why I'm talking about vintage and retro. The new Eau de Parfum is not vintage. The old juice would have been vintage, but it is lost and only sold by a few courageous adventurers at similarly adventurous prices. A treasure that even Indiana Jones would chase after swinging lianas. But this new fragrance is retro, it tries to resurrect the old aesthetics, but doesn't even know the old school.

This new school needs a lot of sweetness, a lot of fruit. Attempts to play with the leather fail in my opinion. In the drydown things calm down a bit, but it still doesn't sound that good. You have to note that the temperatures here are quite high and I could like the smell better in winter. But so far I'm a little disappointed and have to accept that you shouldn't wallow in the past. The one that got away. It's time to let go
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8.0 7.0 5.0 5.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    10
That's the original?!
First of all: This is my first comment, so forgive me if I don't go into the fragrances as much, because my nose isn't so trained yet. The commentary is rather meant to represent my impression. However, I have been reading for so long now that I have to give my mustard to a fragrance. D

I haven't been addicted to perfume long myself. About 1.5 years ago it started with me, I went into a Douglas, got some advice and found La Nuit de L'Homme. When I had him under my nose for the first time, I knew immediately that he was eating.
I've been fxed ever since, La Nuit is still my favorite scent. But I've never had the original under my nose before. Everyone writes that the current batches are no longer comparable with the old formulations - so great is my enthusiasm when a new Flanker is announced and written in first statements that this is almost the original version.

So of course a bottling came into the house.
First spray on: EdT left, EdP right. The direct comparison, I'm ready for an experience. I didn't read the fragrance pyramid because I don't want to be influenced. Just breathe in once.
What?! This can never be the highly acclaimed first version. My first thought: somehow musty. Not sexy at all. For me a mixture of grandfather's leather jacket cabinet, without looking into the pyramid for me indefinable fruits, and a touch of sweetness, as if one would take a nose of Haribo Tropifrutti immediately after opening the bag.
Change to left wrist, 2018 EdT. It smells much fresher, younger, right after spraying definitely better for me. What's true is that the EdP is definitely stronger. The EdT is more withdrawn, more subtle. However, directly after spraying on the EdP has for me not really something to do with the EdT - these are for my untrained nose completely different scents.

But give him time, I tell myself. Let him get into the drydown.
20 minutes later.
Now the EdP starts at least to lean a little on the EdT. The La Nuit DNA tries to make its way through the leather fruit chaos. However, the musty impression remains for me. In comparison to the EdT drydown no chance. Power the EdP definitely still possesses much more than the EdT.

But now it becomes interesting.
4 hours later.
I don't know if I'm just happy, but I get from the EdT about 8h at short distance perceptible durability, I was confirmed.
Well, after 4h, the EdP doesn't smell any different for me than after 20 minutes, for me there is no further course of scent recognizable - however, the EdT starts to appear stronger on my skin than the much stronger EdP before it!

This was confirmed the following days - I wore the fragrance for 3 days at about 15 degrees Celsius to get a picture, and kept the comparison EdT/EdP 2 girlfriends under my nose. My impression was confirmed - The EdP smells like a sweet, young and fruity planned perfume, which however inadvertently got a strong shot of Altherrenduft, and radiates at the beginning much more - this very well perceptible Sillage holds about 3h, after 5-6h is on my skin, however, end. The EdT is less powerful, but lasts consistently and longer. And it smells better. As an 18 year old the fragrance is nothing for me, and by no means as attractive as the EdT.

In a nutshell: DON'T BLINDBUY! Buy yourself a bottle and get a picture. My search for a better EdT continues - and soon I will have a vintage bottling. The EdP, however, is definitely not mine. In the cold winter it will be tested again, until then I get some rest for the EdP. What a shame!
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6.0 7.0 5.0/10

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Helpful Review    5
Set with X
The original La Nuit de L'Homme was the first fragrance I bought myself. While quite a few teenagers are now dieseling in more often, I was already quite late because I only started wearing perfume regularly in my mid-20s. Before I got some as a present, but only with La Nuit I started my journey into the world of fragrances and thus the way to a new hobby. When I bought the Eau de Toilette, it was already the first reformulation of 2015, which is said to have a better shelf life and a better sillage than the current (second), but is already quite average in this respect. The new Eau de Parfum has been announced as a more intense, darker version, but it can by no means meet these expectations.

While the strengths of the EdT clearly lie in the combination of the fine yet striking cardamom spice and the powdery lavender on a sensual basis, I wonder what has become of the main players. The EdP opens with a slightly fresh start and a funny fruit-coconut cocktail - at least the comparison comes closest for me. On the skin, however, these facets show up less strongly and so I would absolutely agree with FragFrag by writing that the grapefruit doesn't really have a sparkling effect and that a leather note - unlike the EdT - appears. In addition to the noticeably lower presence of lavender, I would also describe the spice of cardamom as more subtle. Here I also feel more reminded of the ground form in which cardamom does not smell as fresh and invigorating as a whole capsule. I can't see sage at all and a banal mixture of woods from the laboratory spreads in the base. I do not find the sweetness that resonates here to be overwhelming, but to be unpleasantly artificial. My EdT has lost some of its sweetness through maceration and has become more woody over time - I can hardly imagine an improvement with EdP.

I am now used to disappointment from Yves Saint Laurent (exception: L'Homme Ultime), but this perfume leaves me with an extremely unbalanced impression, as if two not quite adequate fragrances had been layered together: Something light, sweet, remotely reminiscent of body lotion or sun cream, and generic woods and some leather, which are the strongest notes. The EdT also has a thoroughly dry wood base and a powdery and discreet soapy quality due to the lavender, but never drifts in a too heavy direction. I still have a small remainder for nostalgic reasons, which must be enough for me now. The EdP does not even resemble this iconic fragrance by 50 percent.
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10.0 7.0 8.0 10.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    13
Sliders - The gate to a foreign dimension
Opening narration
Quinn Mallory: [season one monologue/opening]
"What if you could find brand new worlds right here on Earth? Where anything is possible. Same planet, different dimension. I've found the gateway."

Who knows the old TV series Sliders? It's about *WARNING SPOILER* that in the first episode a small group of people travels into another dimension, a parallel world, and then comes to the conclusion that it's not possible to come back directly to the original dimension.
Then they are forced to try one dimension after the other to find their real world again, in which they are lost.
Fantastic, clever, humorous series! :)

This analogy fits me really well to "La Nuit de L'Homme (Eau de Parfum)". After the Eau de Toilette of 2009 was strongly reformulated, there were several attempts with so-called "flankers", i.e. other versions of it, to release a fragrance that again finds this strong appeal with people. Apparently YSL should have noticed that people have noticed how weak LNDL EdT has been since 2014, because they already have:
La Nuit de L'Homme Le Parfum, L'Intense, and Eau Électrique released, and now another *heavy* version is coming out.
Like a bloodthirsty vampire I managed to buy this 100ml glass jewel on release day!
And it just occurred to me that today's release is...

(Phone conversation)
"Hello! I'm inquiring about a new men's fragrance. When do you get La Nuit de L'Homme Eau de Parfum from Yves Saint Laurent?"

"Wait a minute... Who's that from? From La Nuit de L'Homme or?"

*Reaches for the forehead*
"From Yves Saint Laurent. La Nuit de L'Homme. But the eau de parfum. Not Le Parfum, or L'Intense EdP... EAU DE PARFUM. Orange bottle."

"Oh, I'm just looking... yeah, we got that this morning."

"Are you sure? It only says eau de parfum?"

"Yes, it's brand new, we actually got it today!"

"Okay, thank you, I'll see you in a bit! #)"

Well, the name is really long, and used inflationary. Who's going to know about that...

But what's he like now, the new one? To whom so many have pinned their high expectations. The expectation to be a good new fragrance, but also the hope to bring back the legendary "La Nuit de L'Homme (Eau de Toilette)" vintage version in an olfactory way.
By the way, I didn't think about that, Yves Saint Laurent have now indicated that it should smell like the old one!

Well, we're curious. :)

First of all, spoiler: GIVE HIM TIME!!! I can't stress that enough...

In the opening it reminds me a bit of Eau Électrique, but without bubblegum note, more natural. But it does have LNDL vintage vibes here and there, which doesn't mean it smells like it, but it reminds me if you smell close to your skin for example.
In the air or Sillage I find the differences more through. Here it smells more like a mixture of Électrique, and the green, spicy, slightly fruity melt of LNDL EdT Vintage, but with less freshness, and less powderiness of cardamom.

In the drydown it's a bit leathery and even slightly oily in the heart (oil like "Fahrenheit (Eau de Toilette)", or "Dry Oil (Eau de Toilette)"), but only very subtle.

I think most people would rather have it than eau Électrique and l'Intense. By the way, the latter is *supposedly* abandoned (non-binding information of a seller).
And for me, he's at eye level with La Nuit de L'Homme Le Parfum, better. But also less independent.

It feels a bit like the perfumer was commissioned to build a vintage LNDL from the Eau Électrique DNA. A modern vintage version, so to speak. Paradoxical, isn't it?

I wear it just after the shower for the first time on the whole body, (before only back of the hand), and find it as a fragrance excellent, - for me 10/10 points! As a LNDL EdT vintage clone it only manages 7/10 at most, because it lacks the freshness and powderiness of cardamom.

But a solid release. The Sillage is as usual rather close to the body, but can be scaled up by many sprayers to go out. The durability I feel to date as quite ok, but there I will probably still screw in a few days at the evaluation.

And again, give him time to test, my first impression was "oh god he's musty". :) Now at the end I think he is really solid and good, he could easily get into my top-20. :)

I wish you to find your olfactory home dimension.
Your N471v3
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DPArtist 8 months ago
I'm instantly reminded of LNDL of course but also Burberry Brit Rhythm Intense, they share several notes and a leathery vibe. Very nice.+2

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