La Nuit de L'Homme (Eau de Toilette) by Yves Saint Laurent
Bottle 7.5 Sillage 7.5 Longevity 7.5 Scent 2.0
A Composition with Potential, a failure nonetheless.
I've worn La Nuit De L'Homme on a number of occasions and each time it has opened differently on my skin. At times it has manifested a peppery aspect, at times woody and on the rare occasion I actually do get some cardamom, never loud and clear, but muted, as if behind a veil of synthetic ambery fuzziness. To summarise the whole composition: a random opening, a heart of anonymous lavender, which then fades into the cheap accord of amber, with a dash of iso-E-super and a pinch of vague, indistinct and artificial spice (I do not get a trace of cumin unfortunately, for that would actually spark some interest into the composition, what I get instead is flat, one-dimensional sweetness). There is no mystery to the composition, which stands amongst the most commercial offerings on the market today, where very little thought and consideration has been given to the composition after the 5 minute mark. Notwithstanding all of this, the fragrance is pleasant, a crowd pleaser, but it seriously lacks in character, depth and complexity and is comprehensively put to shame next to any other YSL creations dating back prior to 2003. A real pity given the potential of the notes listed in the composition, I really do feel the perfumers' budget let the whole project down.