Le Vestiaire - Blouse 2018

Le Vestiaire - Blouse by Yves Saint Laurent
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7.8 / 10 54 Ratings
Le Vestiaire - Blouse is a popular perfume by Yves Saint Laurent for women and was released in 2018. The scent is floral-fresh. It is being marketed by L'Oréal.
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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top Notes GalbanumGalbanum BergamotBergamot Pink pepperPink pepper
Heart Notes Heart Notes Damask roseDamask rose Rosyfolia®Rosyfolia®
Base Notes Base Notes Angelica seedAngelica seed White muskWhite musk CashmeranCashmeran


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I never wore a blouse!
"Yes, yes... of course you don't wear blouses!" I'm sure you say now. "... after all, you're a man too!"
Yes, that might be true, but did you know that blouse originally didn't always mean these loose and... sometimes even slightly transparent (aaaah...! :D) tops for ladies, but just loosely hanging garments that farmers, knights, sailors and so on wore?

But no, of course you ladies had to come sometime and claim this garment only for you ladies to make life easier for us guys, because we had to learn how to iron one kind of garment less (but in reality you probably meant that we guys had no idea about fashion anyway and we could do without blouses!). Well, there's something true about it: I really hate ironing and have difficulties with certain clothes like shirts (aaaaargh, ironing shirts always means the end of the world for me!!!), so I'm glad I don't have to iron blouses. And do you even iron blouses? You see, I have no idea...!!

Anyway, so the scent was named after a blouse... because it smells like that? I don't even know that blouses can smell different than other garments? Well well, if a woman is in the blouse, then perhaps the blouse smells more pleasant... than if a guy would be in it... uuuurgh...!

Well, welcome to my commentary on "Blouse" by Yves Saint Laurent's "Le Vestiaire" collection.

The fragrance:
In the beginning, one actually smells exactly what is written in the top note here. Green, tangy and herbaceous galbanum, sweet, spicy pink pepper and a hint of lemon (or bergamot). But the roses also appear quickly. In the background there is another scent that I cannot determine, it is certainly the interplay of the different scents, but it goes in the direction of coriander. However, this does not last too long and disappears even after the top note.
A little later the scent smells powdery-sweeter (probably due to gentle scents such as cashmeran). One still smells pink pepper and now roses strengthened. Some musk is slowly appearing as well. The green notes are now far in the background and disappear more and more.
In the end, the fragrance remains soft and slightly sweet, with a beautiful scent of light roses and musk, with a hint of flowers in the background that cannot be further identified.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is above average and should smell good for a while for everyone else in the surrounding area. The shelf life is above average and lasts about six to eight hours, depending on the dosage, before it weakens much further.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular, high and thick. The label is white and square and quite simple. In general, the whole look of the bottle is quite simple and clear, so it adapts to the exclusive fragrance ranges of Dior, Chanel and similar brands, but looks much better for me. The lid is cylindrical and has a beautiful tactile pattern. A simple but beautiful bottle.

Okay, so the "blouse scent" here isn't even that bad. Well, one should like roses, because roses are the main theme here, because they smell intensely especially in the middle part. In return, they also smell soft due to soft scents, which ensures a more pleasant perception. However, I still think that the fragrance hasn't become so special for the most part, because it's actually just another rose fragrance, but it only stands out a little bit from other rose fragrances, perhaps because it sometimes comes across as herb-herbal.

It can be worn like an all-rounder, but may tend towards warm days. By the way, it is less suitable for going out, as it could be quite unspectacular despite its nice scent (you just have to try it out), but due to its nice scent it could be worn at work, for example.

Is that how blouses smell? Well... as I said, I don't know, I don't have a clue, after all I don't have a chance to sniff blouses here (especially with a lady in there :DD),... and I certainly don't go into town somewhere in a ladies department to sniff blouses... I'm having a hard time with women, they don't even need to think of me as a possibly moronic or even perverted freak,... :DD Waaaah! No, no... :D

Well then, that's it again! Have a nice evening, see you then :)
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