Y (Eau de Parfum) by Yves Saint Laurent

Y 2018 Eau de Parfum

25.01.2022 - 03:21 PM
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Another Brick In The Wall

If you've never smelled Y EDP and are wondering what it smells like, know that Y is nothing more than another warrior in the battle of the blues, featuring Versace pour Homme Dylan Blue Eau de Toilette, Bleu de Chanel Eau de Toilette and Sauvage Eau de Toilette. Luckily, it does not smell like many other recent blue fragrances, which is a good thing, thanks to its fruity and greenish, slightly creamy and fresh, spicy trait. Y EDP is a sweet fragrance with the apple up top and the tonka, but there's a lot more going on.

With light and dark fougère facets, Y EDP blends woody and aromatic accords and reveals itself with a crunchy green apple and ginger with subtle citrus hints. An opening that immediately catches my attention with its creaminess. The apple note, in particular, stands out and gives it a juicy and slightly sweet bite. The head phase is perhaps all too sweet, creepy and loud for me, even though I say it as someone who likes nothing too sweet. I think the sage distorts the apple note a bit. The spicy ginger is also noticeable, and I feel it invigorates the opening so well with the soft creamy bergamot. The citrus peel essence vanishes in a short time, leaving more room for spicy ginger and slightly synthetic apple. Compared to Y EDT, EDP appears less incisive on bergamot and more decisive on apple.

When Y approaches the centre, I get a kind of aromatic fresh sage, now amplified. At first, it works in tandem with the ginger top note before overcoming it. Delicious resinous juniper berries and a hint of geranium pop in. The heady punch from velvety sage isn't too herbal here. A certain dustiness emerges, which slightly reduces the synthetic leading edge. I don't know if it's my skin, but I feel hints of something metallic, perhaps because of the amber and sage molecule. Sage and juniper bring virility in contrast with the elegance of geranium and lavender, two floral notes in the heart with herbaceous facets. Although it is not mentioned, the violet leaf is apparent.

Dry down sets it apart from EDT because it has more heart and soul overall, is more refined, and is a little more grown-up. It exudes sweet, warm and resinous woody accords. Cedar and vetiver sitting on the bottom look more exciting and dynamic to my nose. I get a nice amber wood, a large dose, mixed with a bit of tonka, which gives it warmth and a semisweet. There is just a hint of tonka that releases vanilla undertones and softens its edges without overpowering the other notes. I am happy to catch the light traces of a delicious incense, strengthened by the audacity of smoked vetiver for intensity. Amber and tonka bean give Y EDP a soft warmth, which adds depth and durability to the composition but does not kill its touch of freshness.

As I'm testing it in the middle of January, the freezing winter weather emphasizes resinous, contemplative olibanum and amber wood. I love amber wood, which is less salty and mushy than ambroxan, and it embodies the feeling of walking in a forest with a natural, musky, and woody smell. Y has that out-of-shower vibe, and it's pretty sweet, and I wouldn't wear it for tropical climates as it could be rather sentimental. Discreet for the rest of the year, it fully satisfies the intermediate seasons of autumn and spring and may surprise you on a cool evening during the summer. Besides, many people say it pierces through the cold weather of the winter months. The sillage is acceptable, the longevity is good enough for what it's worth. It sticks well to clothes, so beware of over application. However, it is not faint, and people will surely notice it. Overall, do I like Y EDP? Yup! Will I buy it? Maybe not. I think I have a lot of colonies with that vibe, and I don't need another brick in the wall. However I would appreciate it if I had to receive it as a gift, it is a great perfume.

I base the review on a decant I have owned since March 2021.


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