Libre by Yves Saint Laurent
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Libre is a new perfume by Yves Saint Laurent for women and was released in 2019. The scent is floral-sweet. It is being marketed by L'Oréal.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesNeroli, Mandarin
Heart Notes Heart NotesMoroccan orange blossom absolute, French lavender, Jasmine sambac absolute
Base Notes Base NotesMadagascan vanilla, Cedar, Ambergris, Musk



7.3 (156 Ratings)


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8.5 (148 Ratings)
Submitted by KatharinaG, last update on 29.01.2020.

Interesting Facts

The face of the advertising campaign is singer Dua Lipa.
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7.0 4.0 7.0 8.5/10

0 Reviews
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Very helpful Review    13
If summer were now...
Long Story Short:
This fragrance smells for me like a really good sun cream!

What may sound a bit confused at first is not negative at all. The tester came to my office by mail two days ago. I actually ordered it for my girlfriend, but one(s) is curious and would like to get a taste. So I just put a little sprayer in the air and hey, I know this smell is sun cream! Directly a splash on the wrist and the synapses did the rest... i was right on the beach, the sun was banging into my face and I could almost hear the waves of the sea.
I think I wouldn't want to smell like that for everyone and not wear it as a perfume in the conventional sense, but on my wrist, just to smell it from time to time and bring a bit of summer into my mind during the grey and cold days.

The Sillage is as with many mainstream fragrances really underground, the durability for it is quite ok, on the wrist I can still perceive it after almost 7 hours quite well.

Those who like mainstream will like it, otherwise it is a really first-class summer memory on cold days
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Greatly helpful Review    61
Recently in the perfume laboratory
Two people dressed in white coats talking:

Karl: Moin Meister, what are we doing today?
Anna: We're creating a new perfume, commissioned by some French fashion designer, Öwwes Somehow. It wasn't Roscher... It doesn't matter...
Karl: Oh cool, we already discussed that in the 1st year of apprenticeship, perfume gel right?
Anna: Almost, the school is not up-to-date, we don't have something as dusty as this organ anymore, we use the Parfum-O-Mat 2000.

Karl's eyes are getting big. Anna means to walk him into the back corner of the lab where there is an inconspicuous black box with a laptop attached, similar to the things used in the CSI series to analyze DNA samples and convict the killer.

Anna: Here's our sweetheart, I've already booted it up and calibrated it with Mainstream
Karl: With what exactly is this calibrated?
Anna: With 1mL each La Vie est Belle, Cool Water, Coco Mademoiselle and 4711 Genuine cologne water, these are our four cornerstones in the frame of which we want to move, olfactory.
Karl: Why these and no mono fragrances or more unusual creations?
Anna: With niche fragrances we would calibrate if we wanted to make niches, with mono fragrances if we were quite creative, for a standard designer fragrance this calibration is sufficient. We have conducted surveys and these calibration fragrances are among the top 10 in their category. If one of them is not in stock at the moment, we take something comparable or leave the point out, no one will notice afterwards anyway...
Karl: I see...
Anna: Ready to land your first big litter?
Karl (hesitantly): Hm.............yes?
Anna: Don't worry, you can't do anything wrong, the system is foolproof. Here, just select 2-3 popular fragrances from the list of designer fragrances you want to combine. These are then displayed in the upper window and the fragrances appear directly below. If you click on them, you can make them stronger or weaker or delete them completely. If you like it, click on "Brew" and the first litre will be mixed together and filled into the amber glass bottle. At the same time, a file with the exact recipe is created and both are sent to the client. All right?
Karl: Yes, sounds totally easy. But how do I know the first try's gonna be something? Can you also mix less than 1L together, so you can test if you like it and do not directly waste so many raw materials?
Anna: Ah super economy you had probably also already? I like the way you think. I omitted one important detail. Here's the two tubes hanging out of the machine, you stick them up your nose. If you want to smell your creation, you press "Sniff" above the Brew button, then a fragrance is introduced into the nose via the tubes, but don't press it more than once, otherwise you'll never get the fragrance out of your nose again. That happened to me once, the touchpad had some kind of hanger and triggered the button five times in a row, I couldn't pull out the hoses that fast, the system is very reactive. I for a whole week was nothing to mix with because I had the smell of pompous flowers in my nose. But enough talk, let's go!
Karl: Okay, let's see, I'll just take this one and this one.
Anna: Ah Mon Guerlain EdP, good choice and Calvin Klein Women EdP, well there I am curious. Here behind the fragrance you can enter the percentage distribution of the shares.
Karl: Well, then I just take from the first 10, no wait 15% and from the second we take 85%.
Anna: Very good, now the scents: Turn on what you like, click away what you don't like.
Karl: Ok, that's easy, orange blossom full volume, lavender very quiet and eucalyptus has to come out. Ready.
Anna: Great, let's have a nose of it before we brew it. Everybody gets a hose, that'll have to do.

They shove their hoses up their noses full of expectation. Anna nods to Karl, he replies the gesture, then presses you on "Sniff". A fast little rumble, a quiet hissing, something rattles and lightning fast the fragrance flows into the noses.

Anna: Not bad at all, for your first creation! Bravo, it's as good as sold. I'm planning on it, some nice bottle, a young thing, maybe a top model or singer, does the advertising, a snappy name...And they'll give us some more cosmopolitan pseudonyms, unfortunately that's always the case.
Karl: How already finished, that was nevertheless only now the top note, we do not work further on it?
Anna: Nonsense creation succeeded. The fragrance has to convince in the first 3 minutes in the perfumery, head note catcher one calls it, if one is bad. And time is money, the budget is tight, we have to create 5 more perfumes today. A pleasing designer fragrance it has become.
Karl: ok, now I press Brew?
Anna: Let's go, the file got the code L-1br€, please write this later in your logbook.

Somewhat disillusioned that it went so fast to create a new scent is Karl already, somehow he missed the magic. On the other hand, which trainee already has a self-created fragrance on the perfumery shelves?!

26 Replies
10.0 7.0 9.0 7.5/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review   
Before I went to grammar school I had to choose:
French or Spanish.
French sounded interesting and beautiful in my still childlike language understanding. So in consultation with my parents I chose the one I didn't know what to expect.
Unfortunately it became one of the subjects - besides physics, math and chemistry - which caused me most difficulties. The grammar, I still remember, was often a headache for me.

Nevertheless, I was allowed to work for a writer in my early 20s who left me French texts to translate into German. I still don't know how I did it.
I worked late into the night - because my French was unfortunately still damn miserable.
I had to look a lot up and figure out the meaning of a text.
Nevertheless, the final result seemed to satisfy him - after all, it became a book in the form of a lexicon.
Frankly, I was simply glad when I could file this order.
Since then I have kept away from the French language and have done so for almost 20 years.
I can therefore not guarantee that the title of my comment is grammatically or linguistically correct.
Man forgive!

Only Libre seduced me again to rummage around a little bit in my French repertoire.
The translation to the word "LIBRE" I had to google again :D
This scent fascinated me right after the first smell. I was immediately in love!!!

"Wow, really perfumed!" I thought.

The scent immediately gave me EVERYTHING I could imagine of a scent. You could call me a scent banana now - but it's the way it is! ;)
All aromas were immediately linked to my "fragrance" synapses - without anything bothering me - and at the same time it triggered so many positive emotions.
Still, I remained suspicious- after all, he could rag me. Maybe he's just a dazzler!?
A fragrance must not only be able to form a symbiosis with me - it must also convince me of its shelf life and its sillage. I would like to be able to perceive a perfume on myself again and again throughout the day - without having to add more. If a fragrance does not meet my requirements, I am unfortunately consistent and he must move out.

The little sample Libre became a precious drop for me.
I thought about how I could classify it well and also perceive it for a long time, because a purchase was out of the question at first.
My woollen scarf helped here
-a sprayer and I can still perceive any scent for days afterwards in it.
Thus I could achieve that the small smell experience extended over a longer period of time.

Yes- I'm so fond of Libre that I carefully dismantled the sample bottle into its individual parts to absorb the last droplets, which could not be sprayed out, with the twirled end of my scarf.

This scent hides two sides.
On the skin it starts tangy, slightly sweety-floral to floral- creamy with a hint of austerity hidden in the base.
Mandarin, neroli and orange blossom make it look cheerful, mild jasmine and musk provide femininity and elegance, delicate vanilla rounds it off and makes it smoother.
I would like to claim that the remaining ingredients - lavender, ambergris and cedar - provide the proper contra in the fragrance experience.
On my scarf the almost sharp austerity and tartiness comes to the fore much more clearly - yes, she even pushes herself before the sweetness mentioned above and exactly this facet wealth makes this scent interesting for me.
I always find myself sniffing around my scarf addicted.
Only after days does this animal touch retreat and the cheerful, feminine side reappear.

For me personally, the scent fits like a fist to the eye! I LOVE YOU for his two sides and am glad that he has won in the course of my weighing feast entry.
I even go so far that it could develop into my signature!

Mon âme, mon coeur et mon nez sont libres...
"LIBRE"- je t'aime :*

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0 Reviews
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Helpful Review    9
Vintage fragrance with a modern touch
The first impression is orange blossom, the second is orange blossom, neroli and mandarin add their tanginess, very very fruity and opulent. Lavender and jasmine are a little lost for me, are only weakly perceptible, if at all. After a few hours it becomes softer, musk and vanilla leave its fine imprint. A flowery-fruity fragrance for women who like it uncomplicated and want to be directly present with their fragrance. Durability is very good. Since I'm not the big fan of orange blossom the reader may forgive me if the exuberance is not so big. Is a beautiful fragrance in a striking design. He reminds me a little of vintage scents.
2 Replies
9.0 8.0 7.5/10

1 Review
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Greatly helpful Review    24
It takes a load off my mind. Libre...I was afraid that he would hit back into still current LVEB/Si/MonGuerlain mainstream notch. I'm glad I didn't. Besides, I was still a little mutilated because of the name recycling. Eau Libre smelled in grey prehistoric times, he was fantastically fresh, and then a new one under quasi the same name? Blasphemy, so I thought - see Joy.
All right, let's disregard that name. Flacon is beautiful, there's nothing to shake.
The first spray makes me breathe a sigh of relief. No gourmand, no cotton candy. Direct orange blossom Absolu, with something slightly marzipan behind it, but still a little green.
I read about alien hints, perhaps due to the jasmine samba...but I can't find this relationship, even if this note becomes more present in the course of time and tries to cover the orange notes. But it doesn't become as omniscient as it could be, but remains flowery. 80s flowery, retro-flowery, white-flowered. Uschi Blum.
Lavender comes into my test late, and doesn't make a big entrance.
However, the basis is very familiar and unspectacular, musk.
All in all a pleasant surprise, even for me I am by no means a friend of too many flowers, except Uschi.
Unfortunately I don't know Manifesto, so I can't make any comparisons with it.
Shelf life quite ok. I am glad that I could refute my own prejudice, but Libre will not become my favorite, he is too bafflingly musky for that. But I'm sure he'll find his customers.
7 Replies
8.0 8.0 7.0 8.5/10

0 Reviews
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Acquired the fragrance today.
It's great to spray on. After 4 hours it was still intensely noticeable on my skin.
Love fragrances that actually contain chypre, but this sweet aromatic fragrance reminds me of warm autumn days, cuddly moments of well-being and gentle company in the now often gloomy Herbstzeitlose.

Let's see if he continues to accompany me in this direction.
I wouldn't really classify the scent at flowery sweetish.
Successful, dear YSL.
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0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    11
First opium, then nakotium
Mrs. Flippo, Dr. Benaim to the O.R., please. There he is, the poor patient. Nobody really knows what he's got and what he's suffering from. Also the anaesthesia - a quite strong opium - does not want to work there. He's gotten too used to it. Well, don't despair... i can't get any worse. If an opium or black opium is no longer sufficient for anaesthesia then we create - I am so free - a "Libre". Hardly inhaled and zack the patient lies in the most beautiful narcotic deep sleep. He can't resist such a hammer now either. So Mrs. Flippo, you have proven your anesthetic abilities well with Dr. Benaim, now let the surgery or the start of dissection:

The bottle: It is nicely made, simple and handy.

The scent: killing already with the first spray on. Unfortunately, it does not develop either, the orange blossom remains pungently artificial and increases in the course still unpleasantly. Even lavender and jasmine have little chance. Of the vanilla hardly a trace

Silage and shelf life: much too intensive even with a cautious test sprayer. Not suitable for office use or in cinemas or smaller rooms. Very long lasting, unfortunately does not weaken.

Conclusion: I had the hope that it would become a fragrance that lived up to its name. For me, the fragrance is free of character and elegance. Manifesto ... maybe at first. But I can see very strong parallels to all the opium creations. Only this time it's called "Libre".

Nothing for me, I'm afraid. .... Oh, I see the patient is regaining consciousness ... i should do it again --- better not.

5 Replies
8.0 7.0 8.0 8.0/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    26
I am so free
Today the husband pointed out the new " Ysel " to me, and smiled one.

He takes my craving for perfume lightly - and that's where it belongs.
Serious beer shouldn't be a hobby.

And Libre's salutation is also: "I am so free - because he greets me lightly and airily.

Neroli cools and the mandarin provides aquatics - fresh piously cheerful free - and I think it's about to become sporty.

No - the lavender radiates peace - brightened by the jasmine.
Maybe a nap in the early afternoon?

Vanilla and ambergris appear sweet - and the bell rings.

Cedar and musk invite you to an elegant soiree.

This fragrance has so many pleasant facets - and they all appeal to me.

I like him - I'm so free
6 Replies


Jazzy76 130 days ago
Extremely femininine but not "shouted" bouquet : The neroli note is soft, round, warm, not too vibrant. A good balanced classy daily scent

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