Y (Eau Fraîche) by Yves Saint Laurent

Y (Eau Fraîche) 2020

18.04.2022 - 10:12 PM

Bought and… returned

Let me start by saying that I bought it, and ended up returning it. What happened? I first saw it and tried it, and in fact what got my attention the most, was the really good looking bottle. I tried it, and enjoyed it, a nice fresh scent, ZERO sweet, smells literally like a lemon gin. Gives you a frozen feel, mildly metallic from the ambroxan (or another of its forms). It’s actually quite pleasant for my nose. For the nose of others… not so much. It has a decent projection, although more of a skin scent, and normal longevity, around 6 hours (but spray it on clothes and it will last longer). Every time I asked someone if they liked it, it was “ok” at best… it reminds me a lot of the other Y, which I never loved, because of the sage note, but a much more frozen feel. The smell is very undistinguished, it could be anything really. In short, it wasn’t a fragrance that made me enthusiast about it, nor any of the people around me. In certain ways, it smells like an Invictus Aqua 2016, but not as good, in the way that it’s super synthetic… enjoyable, but the best thing about it, it’s the bottle. Returned it
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CarlosfarraCarlosfarra 10 months ago
This is a people pleaser. Not offensive at all, but not going to stand out in the crowd. Sits closer to the skin and doesn't last very long. Truthfully, if you can find this on sale, it's a great one for when you know you're going to be outside...
CarlosfarraCarlosfarra 10 months ago
This is definitely one of my favourite Salty, oceanic, aquatic and ozonic scents. Having Invictus Aqua 2016, and Millesime Imperial, both salty and my favourite scents, I also had to own this one. It doesn’t disappoint,...