Y Le Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent

Y Le Parfum 2021

05.01.2022 - 11:00 PM

Massive Dissapointment

As a fan of YSL Y EDP ,the apple dominating synthetic release of 2018 had me excited for a parfum release with my hopes high waiting for a stronger and darker scent (especially when i saw the black bottle my expectations were really high).When the time came to smell this thing I was shocked ,I was hoping that what I smelled was a mistake ,but no it was really true. A shower gel ,basic ,run off the mill concotion that was mediocre from the time it was sprayed till the time it faded .It actually has 0 character I can recall at least 10 shower gels that smell just like it .Hell, it even has less character than the edp which i thought was pretty much impossible.There is no way to describe this scent because there is nothing to actually say ,apple is still there,sage is still there its just just more generic. Longevity is great i guess it lasted for like 8 hours on my neck i could still smell it ,but no one around me could ,unless they came close to my neck.Thats all I have to say YSL Y Le Parfum most dissapointing release of 2021.
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