14.05.2022 - 07:13 AM

It gets more hate than it deserves…

… and if you like sweet scents, you better grab it while you can still find it. My prediction is that it’s gonna be remembered like the Invictus Aqua that everyone started loving after it was too late…

It’s got a great scent. You can tell it’s the Y dna, but it has a younger feeling sweetness as a backbone. That sweetness actually outlasts the Y dna in performance, and it’s what remains on the final drydown. As stated below, it kind of feels like a more mature version of Invictus… KIND OF…

Performance is excellent, a strong opening with a wide projection radius that extends an easy 4ft, and it has a nice sillage that trail lingers nicely for a solid 4 hours. When it pulls back it still smells nice and strong and the final performance on my skin is a solid 8+ hours.

Seriously, if you like the Y line and/or you like sweet scents, you should grab it while it’s still out there, because it only gonna get love when it’s impossible to find… and that’s when everyone is going to want a piece of the fun

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