Thallium by Yves de Sistelle


21.10.2021 - 10:49 PM

An economical beast

Thallium by Yves de Sistelle is a perfect example of a much cheaper fragrance outperforming an expensive one. This Amber Fougere is a lovely fruity musky scent that gives a whopping 10hrs minimum of longevity. The fragrance set me back no more than &16. I was expecting an awful experience but was plenty surprised. It was so cheap I decided to do a blind buy and it was easy to pull the trigger. This stuff really smells good no kidding it really really smells good it went far beyond my expectations it really is a nice nice clean scent. It has notes of pineapple Bergamot Apple lavender Jasmine Amber musk Cedar and patchouli and it harmonizes greatly. The bottles pretty cool also. I'm not sure when this fragrance came out I can't seem to find out but I'm telling you now go get yourself a bottle of this stuff you will really be surprised

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