Girls Can Do Anything (2018)

Girls Can Do Anything by Zadig & Voltaire
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Girls Can Do Anything is a perfume by Zadig & Voltaire for women and was released in 2018. The scent is sweet-floral. It is being marketed by Shiseido Group / Beauté Prestige International.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesPear, Orange blossom
Heart Notes Heart NotesTonka bean
Base Notes Base NotesAmbroxan, Vanilla, Musk



7.1 (107 Ratings)


7.6 (94 Ratings)


7.2 (95 Ratings)


6.6 (100 Ratings)
Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 03.02.2020.
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0 Reviews
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Helpful Review    7
Harley Quinn needs a haircut
I have already mentioned in other comments that as soon as I smell a scent, I sometimes have a film reel in mind Same here. :-)

First of all, the fragrance is an absolute bomb that covers everything and has an insane sillage.
I had to spray the fragrance twice now, it starts relatively strong, but harmlessly with the pear, the orange blossom and the tonka bean, the vanilla holds the base steadfastly here, and that throughout. He seems sweet to me. Sooo... um... like the smell in a candy store. Sherbet powder, lollies, bubblegum etc. But still mature, still kind of girlie, but also kind of...vulgar?! Provocative?!

Harley Quinn (do you know the movie "Suicide Squads"?! Super! *g*), in one of her terrific bad-girlie outfits, chewing gum or lolly-licking (take your pick) absolutely must go to the hairdresser. THEN the good particle (no matter if Harley or the perfume ^^) will extend its claws and the hairspray note will come out. It's like someone dipped the lollipop in hairspray. Thank Ambroxan. :-)
The fragrance is a small miracle of space. He creates space for himself and needs space. Very Harley-Quinn-like. ^^ Sillage is decent, after a few hours it becomes very close, but always a faint touch of lollipop hairspray blows up...

Somehow the scent doesn't let go of me, as rude and rebellious as it comes - somehow I like it!
This will not (probably?!!) be enough for a bottle, but I will gladly use the bottling, even if sparingly, otherwise there will be sacrifices. :-)

PS: Don't worry, even if the scent fascinates me somehow, I didn't marry the Joker. :-D
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6.0 7.0 8.0 7.5/10

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Very helpful Review    8
Girls can do anything? How unfair! :D
Hey hey, and once again I'm here and bring a new comment! Today we're talking about a fragrance that couldn't sound more unfair to men! "Girls Can Do Anything" by Zadig & Voltaire, a brand that I personally don't appreciate very much because I don't like their fragrances in general.

So girls or women can do anything, right? That actually seems to be true somehow.
An example? Well, the following things may be clichéd, but they are also true! If a woman says to a man that he has grown older, the man only grunts at most. If the man says to a woman that she would look much older than she used to... *zack* Then a whole fist comes to the eye! D
The same could be done with the weight: Men who gain weight don't like to hear that, but they can still cope with it to some extent. If you say as a man to a woman that she has put on weight... *zack* There comes a whole fist on the eye then! D
Yes yes,... certain topics seem to be taboo topics, but this is apparently ONLY true for us guys, because women can do everything and talk to each other, but we men can't, argh :D

Well, certain things really shouldn't be said to a woman, and that's out of politeness, unless of course you're keen on seeing women ticking you off and strangling you or something like that :D But apart from that the following law seems to apply:

Women can do EVERYTHING! Men can't do anything. ...well, isn't that unfair? D

Men would do EVERYTHING for women! Because we guys are stupid idiots!
...this is crazy! :DD Especially when you consider that women sometimes like to rip a guy's heart out and eat it up raw (*wurgh* :D),... what monsters you all are! DD But... apparently that's the case, and you have to live with the fact that you ladies are allowed to do everything as I said, and we men just can't. That's the way it is, and it never will be.
All right, let's get to the scent!

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins with a strong, but also clearly synthetic tonka bean, which does not smell so bad despite the synthetic. And the pear adds a nice, fruity touch. The fragrance is also powdery (usually "caused" by the tonka bean), which is always pleasant.
For a longer period of time the fragrance remains exactly as it started. Over time, the fruity part smells a little better, which is a welcome change from the sweet notes, which hardly change.
Towards the end there are then two kinds of sweetness, namely simply the powdery sweetness of the tonka bean and also of the vanilla, and a slightly lighter sweetness that comes from the amber. At the very end it remains vanilla, which admittedly smells quite nice despite synthetic.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
Sillage is above average to strong, depending on the dosage. The good charisma also lasts longer, so that the scent will be easy to smell on one. The shelf life is also very good and can be smelled on the skin for more than ten hours.

The bottle:
The bottle has the shape of common water bottles with a slightly thicker base and is filled with pink scented liquid. The bottle is surrounded by a simple white label. The lid is chrome-plated and patterned. All in all, okay, but nothing particularly beautiful.

Sooo,... first of all: This fragrance is not as bad as most of the other fragrances of this brand smell (at least for me). This is Her!, for example, is much worse and more irrelevant. This one at least gives off a nice, sweet scent, which is quite nice and could please some people. It may have a bit more synthetics than other mainstreamers, but it's not that extremely annoying. One can compare it well with the other, also somewhat successful Zadig & Voltaire fragrance, namely Girls Can Say Anything. Well... maybe there are some better scents of this brand than I thought...

Since the fragrance radiates a great sweetness, it is best for me to wear it in autumn and winter, especially when going out. I think most of the older ladies (NO, I don't call you old... baaah, it's so hard to talk about such a topic, no no, don't come too close with your fist, argh...) wouldn't like him so much, because he seems a little girlie-like and could just stand the... younger ones better... and yeah, I'm still now! :DD

You can test it, because it smells nice, but it doesn't have to be.

Hm... did I call you ladies monsters again? Quickly read the beginning of the commentary...hmrhmr,... yes... I really did. Not long and the Frankfurt Parfumo meeting is coming up, maybe I should be a little less cheeky by then, otherwise I'll actually still be beaten or even eaten by the perfumes there .... aaaargh!
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7.0 7.0 8.0 8.0/10

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Very helpful Review    26
Ommm in a department store
To my husband's annoyance he himself had agreed to accompany me to buy an autumn jacket.

Of course, he measured the sales rooms at his own flying pace - and I gasped behind it.
To express my displeasure, I lacked the puff.

When he circled another shelf at Formula I speed, a lady stood in his way without fear.
She looked the amazed man firmly in the eyes, raised and lowered her hands, and said a sonorous "ommm".
Excuse me?
The one in a hurry was consternated.
"Come down - take a deep breath" she replied calmly.
I would have liked to kiss her.
But I controlled myself, approached her, patted her upper arm - and raised my thumb.

Then I strolled in slow motion to Zadig & Voltaire and enjoyed the promise that girls could do everything.
For example keep calm - and enjoy the moment.

The soft marzipan scent, flowing through the pear and warmed by orange blossom supports me.
The gentle sweet vanilla gradually appears - as the whole fragrance takes its time.

It fades out powdery - with a full-sounding ommm
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0 Reviews
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Helpful Review    5
I don't want to do anything with him
I could already spray the new Z&V on myself at Müller there was the page here not yet online.Well what can I say: If you read the fragrance pyramid my heart opens.Actually everything I like.Unfortunately I see this only now, because the fragrance is nothing I want in my shelf.The prelude is fresh by the pear and orange blossom.The tonka bean is skipped or it is already rotten. there's no other way to explain the piercing notes. even if it arrives at the base, I only smell a musty smell (is that the ambroxan?) that reminds me of omni's scents from earlier times
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Jazzy76 6 months ago
The classic basic feminine daily scent, pleasant and light but quite banal. Not longlasting in comparison with the high price. Disappointed

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