Just Rock! pour Lui by Zadig & Voltaire

Just Rock! pour Lui 2017

31.01.2022 - 07:00 PM

Dark Incense Vanilla Inside An Oak Trunk

My first encounter with the Zadig & Voltaire brand happened by chance during the summer sales a few years ago. A well-known perfume chain was selling Tome 1 - La Pureté for Him at a ridiculous price. The book-like box and the perfume were intriguing and mysterious, delicate but profound aroma, and I didn't let it escape me. This Is Him! seduced me then, a peppery and incensed bomb, which I love to wear in fall, the incense and leather season. And now, I found Just R#ck! sample among my decants, and I would like to tell you my impressions. It has nothing to do with typical designer fragrances. This could be a niche for its scent and quality. I have read many reviews that associate this perfume with its predecessor. Some consider them identical. I believe those are hasty judgments based on the opening agreement that releases the paper strip. I own both, and to write the review, I tried to spray both on my hands, evaluating the evolution with my skin warmth. According to my nose, Just R#ck! is a sweet, powdery, spicy, and amber type of scent. The fragrance is comparable to This Is Him!, sharing a somewhat smoky, incensed accord. However, the two scents are distinct.

Just R#ck! unfurls dense and spicy, a creamy tonka with dusty and vanillic facets, and an amber slant. The opening is the most dark-sweet one I have ever smelt. It is woody, smoky, and with very delicate spices, oriental. The scent is very bold and audacious. The tonka and amber duo scream and require attention.

Powdery heart follows, the vanilla now supersedes. It is dark and boozy vanilla with rum reflex, and many spices surround it. Incense and spices balance out the sweetness that is dominant in the piece. Then the boozy accord eventually dissolves. The vanilla comes out, a sort of vanilla not too sweet, almost bitter, made even darker by incense and patchouli. Spicy vanilla and smoky incense prom on the heart floor; both shine and do not overtake one another.

Although it features black patchouli wrapped in incense, my nose gets a lot of fumy smell from olibanum. Not an ecclesiastical incense as in This Is Him!, mind you, but nuanced and mixed with woodsy and vaguely sweet scents. This mainly smells of pure incense, a delightful incense. The dry-down is an oak trunk with dark incensed vanilla inside, slightly dusty. Instead, the black patchouli is not all too black but subdued, well mixed in the concoction.

Just R#ck! has the right sweetness and softness that you would like from an excellent masculine scent, decisive and complex. It develops nicely when it lingers in the air. It's an exquisite aura, a beautiful creamy vanilla smell, with an elegant but very valorous smokey incense. Although the fragrance evokes something extremely masculine, it displaces the sweetness of vanilla that almost predominates over the other notes. Projection and longevity are just below average. But I don't mind, as I prefer subtler scents that don't need to announce that you are in the room before entering it. Instead, they can still be picked up by yourself or others around you from time to time. This fits that bill perfectly. Seasonally, I would wear it during the fall and winter months. Targeted for evening and night out, I don't mind using it while at leisure or working in the office. You know what? I am disappointed as it got discontinued.

I base the review on a decant I have owned since March 2021.

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