This Is Her! No Rules (2019)

This Is Her! No Rules by Zadig & Voltaire
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This Is Her! No Rules is a new perfume by Zadig & Voltaire for women and was released in 2019. The scent is floral-sweet. It is being marketed by Shiseido Group / Beauté Prestige International.

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Fragrance Notes

Vanilla, Chestnut cream, Bergamot, Orange blossom, Jasmine



7.9 (25 Ratings)


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Submitted by DonVanVliet, last update on 21.05.2020.
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Helpful Review    3  
Fabric softener the third? (...and does Just Rock count as This Is Her-Flanker?)
The thoughts in the title I had in mind when I created it, especially since Zadig & Voltaire actually only ever release the same fragrance with minimal deviations at regular intervals.
What a pity, because I am a big fan of the original and have even registered it as a signature scent.
Please don't ask me why I bought the Flanker No Rules, I can't answer that anymore with the best will in the world. D
After I have already written a statement, the fragrance deserves a detailed commentary.

After spraying on, one is first wrapped in an artificial pear cloud, just like the original.
The artificial impression is quickly gone and the sweet flowers join the pear.
I cannot perceive bergamot at all, the fragrance has nothing even remotely citric about it at any time.
Everything is carried very gently by sweet vanilla. I can't smell chestnut cream directly, it is at most perhaps perceived as a warm-sweet and slightly caramel-like addition to vanilla.
For comparison, I would like to mention "Trastevere", who has also listed chestnut cream in the fragrance pyramid and there you can smell the sweet chestnut very clearly and authentically.
However, for No Rules (and also the original) this is not supposed to be a negative statement, because all fragrances combine to a cuddly, sweet and warm melange, which always reminds me of a high quality fabric softener (maybe jasmine?).
Thus the fragrance, like the original, manages to smell cuddly, creamy and warm on the one hand and fresh and clean at the same time.
No Rules has hardly any scent, at the beginning it is just more fruity through the pear and at the end there is an unfortunately somewhat artificial and minimally scratchy orange blossom.
This orange blossom is also for me the biggest difference to the original.
As far as durability is concerned, I am very disappointed, because where the original lasts on the skin the whole day, can even be seen the next day and remains on clothes forever and ever, No Rules will run out of breath after only 4-5 hours.

The fragrance definitely falls into my prey scheme, but for me it doesn't come close to the original This Is Her!, according to the motto: If you like the flanker, you should rather buy the original instead.
For those for whom the floral notes are decisive, No Rules is the right place, because the fragrance is clearly more floral and even sweeter than the original, but for those for whom durability, innovation and the cuddly blanket-softener-factor is more important, they should test the original, because in my opinion it can score more points here.
The This Is Her! in the original and the No Rules flanker are like fraternal twin sisters to me, No Rules I would describe as a smoother, more accommodating sister to This Is Her!, which has fewer rough edges and corners and therefore comes across as a little less complicated, but perhaps a little more boring.
If you're not an absolute fan of the fragrance series, you don't need both, they're definitely so similar, so you can calmly choose the one you like better without missing anything.
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Top Review    8  
You say in Love - there are no rules...
...Bono sang in So cruel.

How right he is - I always have to sigh quietly when listening to the song.

Or you read Precht: Love - a messy feeling.

And scents are also a matter of feeling.

So I love This is her ! - while the spouse only : Get away from me ! hums when I wear it.

I spray No Rules carefully because it is within my reach.

No Rules is quite similar to the original in its soft sweetness - and I look around for my better half.

But she stands unmoved beside me - firm as an oak tree - and doesn't try to escape.

I look at him questioningly.
Okay - are his amazing words - while the evil word "cheap" escaped him for the original.

May it be the chestnut vanilla melange that soothes him?

I also like this sweet creaminess - but it is also present in the original.
For me, the scents differ only in one nuance - namely in the musy chestnut tone, but this trifle is good for the husband.

In the experience of scents there are obviously also no rules.

Or to Rilke : .... where only a little more - of heavy and light - moves worlds - and moves a star.
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Very helpful Review    10  
Creamy-fluffy summer scent
If you want an uncomplicated good mood scent that doesn't touch anywhere unpleasantly, this is the right place for you. A slightly fruity, floral musk note that after a good two hours gets a very nice creamy accord that lasts for a long time. Differs only slightly from the other fragrances. After a few hours, the rebel smells of a fine vanilla cream and the musk is very well nestling. I perceive jasmine well, for me it stands for seduction, femininity and a certain self-determination. The rebel is sometimes very feminine, gentle, cheeky and self-confident or even the
Warlike seductress. Don't we all have the many facets? It's wonderful to be able to live it all up, isn't it? I find him feminine gentle, somehow cuddly too, not loud but very delicate and present. This is a fragrance you don't do anything wrong with, I think 8 out of 10 women like it. The bottle is an eye-catcher very unusual and modern young. The brand is characterized for me by very wearable and beautiful fragrances, a little unusual with high recognition value. I'm sure young women will fall for him faster than the more mature girls. In my opinion also a great business fragrance that always fits and leaves a positive charisma in the room.
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