This Is Him! by Zadig & Voltaire

This Is Him! 2016

29.06.2020 - 05:54 PM

Luxury inside an affordable perfume

I have met this perfume in one of the many perfume shops of my city.
Zadig&Voltaire is not a very famous brand, it usually is a bit hidden compare to the most famous brands.
I had underestimated this fragrance at first, on the paper strip this didn't really hit me.
But just out of curiosity once i have sprayed it on my arm. And after 3/4 hours I realized I love this perfume!
I used to compare this to Bvlgary man black orient, that tends more to the balsamic side.
This tends more to the woody side.
Especially in the dry down (after 2 hours it gets very close to the skin) this smells so luxurious! A sandalwood and incense masterpiece! And that light touch of vanilla combined with a tiny pinch of talco freshness (just my opinion, it s something i get in a nice way) make this fragrance unique.
It has similar competitors, but this is a very refined one and for the price it is definitely a must have!!

Do not hesitate, try it on your skin for a couple of times and then you will see...

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