Tome 1 - La Pureté for Him (2012)

Tome 1 - La Pureté for Him by Zadig & Voltaire
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Tome 1 - La Pureté for Him is a perfume by Zadig & Voltaire for men and was released in 2012. The scent is woody-floral. The production was apparently discontinued.

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Nathalie Lorson

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Almond, Orange blossom
Heart Notes Heart NotesGaiac wood, Patchouli, Tonka bean
Base Notes Base NotesWoody notes, Sandalwood, White musk



7.2 (22 Ratings)


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6.0 (19 Ratings)


6.3 (18 Ratings)
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290 Reviews
Pure like the calla lilies of the Lempicka's portrait
La Pureté for Him reminds me of the CALLA LILIES In Lempicka's work, which resembles the symbolism of the arum flower: the white corolla, of course, brings the ideal of purity to mind. There are two fragrances, one for women (the white flacon) and one for men (the grey flacon). I am going to review the masculine scent. So read here below.

The packaging is very original, and the book wraps the bottle. Yes, the box is similar to a book, and the bottle is embedded in there, which is very lovely to see, elegant. The bottle itself is minimal, made of dark gray glass mate finish, which gives a pleasant soft-touch sensation.

Classified as woody-floral, balsamic, and mossy, and for me, moderately sweet and oriental, the scent is completely different from nowadays men's fragrances. My first impression when I sniffed the first spray is a kind of almond milk, bright, pure, a bit powdery, still bitter, and far from iris dusty. And the overall accord immediately captured me. On my skin, orange blossom and almond stay longer, as if they were part of the middle notes. Instead, I didn't get any bergamot. At this stage, although the fragrance stays clean and pure, I perceive it as manly, gentle, and discreetly masculine.

As for the heart note, the woodsy aspect I perceive is a blend of guaiac, patchouli, and tonka bean, not too sweet, not cloying, of course. I know they are to things apart, but for some reason, I found a similarity with Kenzo Power, the flowery accord is very much alike.

Ultimately, from the dry down on my skin, I got delicious notes of sandalwood, a pleasant woody accord. Ain't no mossy accord, no dominance of the white musk.

Meseems, it is ideal for wet and cold days, so I recommend for spring, fall, and wintertime. The projection is just near you, and the trail of scent left behind is discrete a pure breath. It has exceptional longevity, about 8 hours, and more. I wore it in the morning and the day after a could smell it on my clothes. Yes, it is not overpowering, though it stays with you forever.

So, this masculine fragrance is a mysterious boisé, which spreads an asexual message comparable to the breath of an angel on the skin. Did I intrigue you?


516 Reviews
Pure gem!
And another total winner in Nathalie Lorson’s book. First of all, although I usually couldn’t care less of packagings and bottles, I must start by saying that La Pureté’s book-like presentation box is stunning, and so is the bottle with its sturdy, concrete-like matte grey texture. Well-crafted, consistent and visually pleasant – the price I paid (at Sephora’s) wouldn’t even cover the cost of the packaging alone. All revolves around grey, white and black, and in a way so does the fragrance. This is a true little gem for me, which I would dare to place if not next, then “almost” close to post-modern classics like Gucci Rush Men, which La Pureté reminds me a bit to some aspects in fact – mostly for the same transparent and plushy sandalwood notes, and overall the same solid and compelling use of synthetic-clean notes.

There is mostly orange blossoms here, providing a really peculiar sort of “empty” and abstract floral-citrus-spicy breeze; then musky violet (with a really interesting sort of “wet concrete” feel as in Narciso for Him), hyper-clean mellow woods ranging from a milky sandalwood note to a deceptively “generic” cedar note, and a subtle and darker note which I get in many scents by Lorson – a sort of really thin dark, slightly coffee-infused wood with a really smooth-hard texture, vaguely smoky too (I get the exact same nuance in Trussardi Inside Man, Encre Noire and Paul Smith Man). And a subtle, and again “empty” aroma of almonds, which isn’t prominent for me though. All works just perfectly: there’s harmony, quiet richness, youthful elegance. The result is an immensely enjoyable fragrance conveying an overall sense of sweet whiteness and pale cleanliness well contrasted by some subtler nuances of not-so-common floral-spicy and even earthy notes (I think I even get something similar to raw, earth-dusted muguet). The name fits the scent perfectly, as the feel is in fact of something really “pure” – a futuristic, aseptic but at the same time, soothing and comforting (almost medicinal) kind of pureness. So unisex and out of time it could smell refined on anyone – men, women, teenagers, children, robots. Fantastic to wear, maybe a bit linear – but it’s so good! - and ridicolously persistent. A compelling creative take on a trite theme.

7.5 7.5 8.0/10

19 Reviews
This is an underrated beauty.I really personally do not get what people do not like about this beautiful long lasting not generic perfume
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84 Reviews
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A new clean.
Tome I La Pureté for Him, besides having a way too long name, smells quite good. Our Lady of the Sephora Store offered me the sample as an incredibly unique, niche-type almond fragance. Don´t even mention me Sephora right now, please. I am really pissed off with them in this moment: they have retired the whole Serge Lutens line from the store of my city, and i used to have a quite nice discount several times a year. I found out this when i went to buy the last bottle of Chypre Rouge (which was already discontinued, so it was even more rare), yesterday. So uncalled. I am aware this has nothing to do with the review but i needed to share it with you. OK, back to Tome I-La Pureté for Him. I was saying they told me it was this groundbreaking almond fragance. And, ah-ah. What it delivers is a lot of wood. The aromachemical type. I am not against it. It starts with a nice fresh bergamot and neroli, but after 2 minutes the radiant woody wings are fully unfolded, and although it is a nice effect, i find it a bit distracting and spoiled the neroli i really feel like smelling today. The almond is there, at the background, kind of creamy, not very bitter, blended with tonka. The addition of a fine musk makes it smells very clean, like clean floors and rooms, thoroughly washed just with water. It is strange this image pops in my mind, because the ingredients are not exactly my idea of a spotless, well ventilated corridor, but instead rich, earthy, sophisticated. It can also look it is going to be quite heavy and warm, and it is not, i think it could be an all-year-round fragance, if you really like it. The gaiacwood with the "magic, radiant" woods recalls my beloved Miel de Bois, just without the Miel. Underneath the allure of wood, there is an honest, almost frugal, quality in T1LPFH. It is also quite modern, unusual enough, and still likeable. I can see how i like it more now that i liked it this morning.


Elysium 4 years ago
La Pureté Him reminds me the CALLA LILIES In Lempicka's work that resembles the symbolism of the arum flower and brings the purity to mind.+1

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