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D Collection by Zara
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D Collection is a popular perfume by Zara for men and was released in 2017. The scent is sweet-woody. It is being marketed by De Ruy Perfumes.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesLemon, Aromatic notes
Heart Notes Heart NotesApple, Pineapple, Violet, Cedarwood
Base Notes Base NotesTonka bean, Dry amber, Vetiver, Musk



8.3 (18 Ratings)


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6.6 (21 Ratings)
Submitted by Elysium, last update on 02.03.2019.
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61 Reviews
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Better than L'homme?...
LoL I had to include that dang clickbait title that so many YouTubers use to get views. Oddly enough, it's probably justified in this case. Because to me, this stuff IS BETTER than the current formulation of L'homme. Props to Gianluca for turning me onto it (and Y Collection).

Just so you know, the notes here on Parfumo are accurate and come straight from the box. The opening is heavy on the pineapple and apple, with tonka and amber creeping in after a few minutes. Then comes the cedar and a real dense musk to add some complexity and creaminess. And boy is this CREAMY. Really, really awesome.

The similarity to L'homme is absolutely immediate - right from the first spray - SHAMELESS and rather amusing. After that, it gets even closer. And after 2 hours, it basically becomes a muskier and less bright version of L'homme due to the absense of ginger and a few spices. But to me, that only makes it less sharp, less soapy and even more appropriate for evening wear. Result - 3 compliments on my first wearing. It's smooth, inoffensive, ultra pleasant and totally unisex. Need I say more?

For years, I've been looking for a suitable and affordable replacement for the current formulation of L'homme and this is definitely it. The longevity is better and so is the projection. Plus, the price itself justifies purchasing multiple bottles (which I did) and it may even be one of the best gift purchases you can make this year (along with Y Collection).

I don't work for Zara or any other frag house, but this juice deserves proper recognition, just like Gianluca said. It's too bad that Zara frags usually don't stick around for more than a year; so it you see this one and love L'homme, I would urge you to scoop it up. Just don't tell anyone...I still have Christmas shopping to do!
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9.0 6.0 7.0 9.0/10

253 Reviews
Helpful Review    3
Outrageous striking clone of YSL l'Homme
The 1st of the D-A-Y Collection, ZARA D Collection is an aromatic and well balanced scent with a ginger-apple feel throughout, accompanied by hints of spices, wood and citrus. I think of its remarkable masculinity when I sense it, and I feel a lot of commonalities with YSL L’Homme. I swear ZDC is an outrageous striking clone of YSL l'Homme.

ZDC fragrance welcomes you with a tangy citrus opening, that calms down to reveal a very pleasant, relaxing ginger note whose sharpness has been craftily masked by the cedar. The ginger in there is both woody and a little animalic, yet very warm. It is not spicy but slightly bitter, sometimes even coming off sweet with a hint of cinnamon.

It happens that the ginger and cedar blend very well, and are then joined in by the contemporary green basil and violet leaf, giving the scent a more herbaceous background. After a bit, the cedar really shines and gives the fragrance a gorgeous vanilla-like richness, which is anyhow ain't no powdery. A bit of cider apple and sweet pineapple give to the heart a touch of modernity, though neither apple not pineapple are over-standing.

The remarkable thing about this cologne is that although its individual notes are quite sharp, as it includes citruses, spices and vetiver, they all work together to create a very smooth and pleasant aroma. There isn't a tinge of harshness in this cologne, and it flows beautifully. The lack of harsh base notes also contribute to the pleasantness. Rather, the dry amber, the vetiver and the musk embrace your body for many hours, without offending or annoying the people around you.

ZDC is a perfume that goes through stages of top, middle, and base notes, like a journey that will take you some place you kinda wanna go, kinda don’t... It deserves lot of praise.

It is pretty versatile in term of occasions, mostly recommended for spring and fall mid-seasons, I would wear it neither in summer being too aromatic nor in winter being a tittle bit too weak. It has a moderate longevity and projection. This fragrance of contrasts is a unique combination of luxury, art, and modernity for timeless elegance. Perfectly fine as a work-appropriate scent for the 20’s up to 40’s crowd.

I would like to state that this scent is absolutely beautiful. Seriously, everyone seems to like this fragrance, especially the ladies. The overall scent has a very radiant, soothing, and gentle vibe that is almost therapeutic.



Carlitos01 19 months ago
As YSL fragrances like L'HOMME are being reformulated and watered down, I feel more tempted to buy and wear Zara D. Am I the only one?+2
Elysium 2 years ago
The 1st of the D-A-Y Collection, D is a fresh-spicy blend of fizzy ginger, green violet, earthy vetiver, and creamy tonka, for mid-seasons.+2
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