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From Paris to New York by Zara
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From Paris to New York is a popular perfume by Zara for men. The release year is unknown. The scent is citrusy-fresh. It is still in production.

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Lemon, Ginger, Cedar



8.0 (31 Ratings)


6.8 (28 Ratings)


6.4 (28 Ratings)


7.3 (33 Ratings)
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9.0 7.0 7.0 9.0/10

260 Reviews
Is it a mixture of worthwhile travel and trash?
Watch out. It's a lulu! Zara From Paris To New York is a gorgeous eau de cologne that rotates around a few accords, the simple and immediate pleasure of citrusy freshness, a floral sensual grapefruit blossom naive and smooth as neroli but sharper, more piquant, and crisp cotton-fresh white musks infuse to create a radiant, contemporary signature. Truth be told, the odds are you will smell more than three notes here, and everyone will get something different out of it.
An enveloping track that reflects the casual appeal of a timeless white linen shirt being dried on the line on a sunny day. A simply elegant fragrance for your own pleasure, an essential luxury that dares to be radically simple.

From the get-go, it starts with an icy, fresh citrusy note, but refreshingly different compared to some other summer sports scents. The bergamot and lemon combine together and push a juicy zesty scent that is fantastic as the sun warms the skin. These top notes are nice, tart, sharp, bright, it's juicy, it smells fantastic.

The heart is sort of an olfactory Rorschach test. The picture itself is simple but open to individual interpretation. The citrus blossom isn't a burst of juice on your face, it's the whiff of a peel and petals from the next room, and gives a sweet and floral touch to the cologne. It is like a cold fresh made lemonade with a bit of sugar added to it, you smell and sip in a hot day of a cruel summer. That sweetness is balanced with brisk ginger that stays on the skin for more than a couple of hours.

The white musk develops after a couple of hours but isn’t powerful overall, however it helps to enhance the fragrance with fresh cotton like undertone. The gentle soft laundry musky base makes you feel like you’re wearing a crisp white shirt, taking a relaxing drive along the French coast.

The notes float in and out through the whole life of the fragrance. But above all, there is a feeling of freshly done laundry pervading the entire scent, and an inescapable aura of sunshine and good cheer. Everything smells "natural" and refreshing.

Projection is limited, although longevity is good, it stays on the skin very well for a cologne. It isn’t potent and won’t cause offense to fellow office workers or people on your way, never overwhelming. People who complain about the performance don't understand what a traditional 'cologne' is meant to be, ie. a very light citrus scent which can be sprayed several times a day. If it had the good performance you wouldn't be able to spray it so much because the base notes would still be present. 'Colognes' are basically just top note fragrances.
A perfect hot weather work scent, or casual outings. It's simple and cheerful but not sexual or seductive so even though it would handle body heat well in a club, I wouldn't reach for it as my first choice. Men or women can wear it. There is nothing here that would smell out of place on a woman.
Overall the cologne conjures up images of sitting on the beach, looking out onto the Mediterranean Sea, sipping a freshly poured Gin and Tonic with a generous slice of lime. The sun shining, warming the skin, helping the fragrance to release bursts of citrusy freshness.

8.0 6.0 7.0 8.0/10

247 Reviews
Helpful Review    6
"Zara From Paris to New York" versus "Dior Homme Cologne 2013" - read one review, learn about two fragrances!
Both Zara "From Paris to New York" and Dior Homme Cologne 2013 were a positive surprise to me.
The citrusy-fresh Dior fragrance broke with the past, proposing a cologne based on bergamot, grapefruit and a soft white musk. The previous version (2007) was a far more complex powdery-fresh scent with a different set of notes and blending. Its main signature was the Iris strong note also present in Dior Homme EDTs and EDPs. The 2013 Dior cologne version has a totally different set of notes and evolutive blending and I like the new version better. The major breakthrough of this cologne version is the performance achieved with a super fresh bergamot in the opening, a strong grapefruit blossom in the heart, signing the fragrance DNA, and the more delicate sensuality of white musk in the base.I even suspect that this concentration may lean towards an EDT strength for such a longevity and sillage with citrus notes.
Zara achieves a similar scent and performance (actually a little better performance) with an EDP concentration, the notes of zesty lemon in the opening, well paired by spicy sharp ginger in the heart, and an expectable strong base woody note using a spicy resinous cedar, very well blended with the ginger note.
The final output for both fragrances are similar although achieved with different methods.
The price per ml is more expensive in the Dior fragrance, as expected, by a 2.5 ratio.
Both fragrances are more unisex than masculine, but women usually consider this type of scent as clean, fresh and sexy on a man.
Owning both fragrances, I may opine that my user experience is very similar with both fragrances. Dior Homme Cologne 2013 has a better presentation and a more fashionable name. while Zara has a better value for money.
There are other offers that may be considered due the the similar scent and behaviour, although with an even wider price range. You may consider Chanel Allure Homme Sport, Mercedes Benz Cologne and Jimmy Choo Ice as alternatives to Homme Cologne and From Paris to New York.
Let's see how Dior and Zara compare with each other through scoring:

Scent opening............8.5.................7.5 (Dior cool bergamot wins)
Scent Dry Down.........7.5.................8.0 (Zara stronger cedar beats Dior musk)
Longevity (h) ..............6.5.................7.5 (Dior: 6 hours; Zara: 7 hours; With 3 sprays)
Sillage (ft)....................7.5.................7.0 (Dior: 5 ft /2 h projection; Zara: 4~5 ft /2.0 h)
Versatility....................8.5.................8.5 (above average for fresh fragrances)
Usability......................9.0.................9.0 (Literally everywhere except cold outdoors)
Compliments..............9.0.................9.0 (Both scents are compliment magnets)
Uniqueness.................8.0.................7.5 (Lot's of freshies out there. Dior preceds Zara)
Quality.........................9.0.................8.0 (Dior synth. musk / Zara synth. lemon + ginger)
Presentation...............9.0.................8.0 (a matter of opinion)
Price.............................7.5.................9.5 (Dior: €70 / 200 ml on sale; Zara: €20 / 120 ml)

- Average:................8.18/10.0.........8.14/10.0
between 7 and 8 => above average;
between 8 and 9 => recommended;
equal or bigger than 9 => don't miss it;

Opinion on this DIOR - ZARA match:
Both fragrances are very good and provide a similar satisfaction. Dior beat Zara marginaly probably because the Dior flask was bought on sale.
Recommended? I recommend both fragrances. The fashionable name or the price will make you decide for either one.
Blind buy worthy? Yes for Zara and just a maybe for Dior depending on your budget.

Two other fragrances could be compared here as well: Mercedes-Benz Cologne and Chanel Allure Homme Sport Cologne Sport. They aim a similar targer and have a familiar scent and similar behaviour. Again the main difference will be price and pedigree. Do you want to have more fun? Test the four of them!

Music: Kool & The Gang - "Fresh"
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8.0 6.0 7.0 8.0/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    41
I tell you nothing from the Horse
From Paris to New York is a fresh citric fragrance, which is indeed very close to Dior Homme Cologne and Chanel Allure Home Sport Cologne. Quasi the favorable variant, because 90% similarity are given minimum. Therefore I do not consider it absolutely necessary to describe the scent here, because most of you know it.
For me personally the Chanel is the absolute number 1, but between Dior and Zara it will be tight.

Since I was asked by my American friends of the journal Dr. Smellgood to write a review, I will translate my experiences directly.

The start is always difficult, but I hope nobody gets a circulatory breakdown.
All Start is Heavy, but i hope nobody gets a Circleruntogetherbreak.

The scent is strong as pigs The Scent is Pig Strong.

I think it's a real Luftikus.
I find this is a real Windy Kiss.

Honestly, be careful when testing this scent, because it's really good.
Really, Take yourself in Eight, if you are testing the Scent, he is pretty good.

I noticed him the other day on Ascension Day.
Lately, if Jesus makes a Trip to Heaven he falls me on.

Slowly but surely I have become careful with new smells, the wooden eye is watchful I tell myself, before I understood actually always only station.
Slowly but Surly i'm careful with new Scents, cause Woodeye be careful i tell myself, i understood only Trainstation before.

Everyone can use this scent, no matter if carpenter, minister of economy, the businessman, the wedding couple. or even the cutthroat.
Everyone can use this scent, no matter the Room Man, The Boss of the Pubs, The Shopping Gentleman, the Hightime Duo, or even the Neck Cutter.

It can also be worn everywhere. In the grocery store, on the Hollywood swing, on the highway, or parachuting.
You can wear it everywhere, in the Living Middle Business, on the Filmcityswinger, on a Quick Sex Road or at Fallingumbrellajumping.

The smart ones among you usually know better, but I think they do. Get out of here! It's sausage!
The Clevermountains under you , know it mostly better, but i find it so. Skin off! It is me Sausage!

I'm going to be a fox devil anyway, because sometimes it doesn't fit on cow skin.
I become Foxdevilswild, because sometimes it fits not on Cowskin.

I think I spider.
I think I spider.

But seriously, how awesome is that, for so little money, to get a super fresh cologne?
But Serously, how horny is that then, for so less money to get a superfresh Cologne?

In any case, you do nothing wrong, but it burned me under the nails to tell you.
On every Case you dont do wrong., but it burns under my nails to tell.

It's really first-class.
He is first Cream.

And now butter with the fish, would not want to smell so fresh, if it is hot.
Now butter by the Fishes , who dont want to smell that fresh, when its hot.

So I know my way around here and yes that's really the yellow one from the egg. He goes off like Schmitz cat.
I know me here out and yes this is the Yellow from the Egg. He goes away like Schmitz Cat.

No matter, that's a nice move from you, if you just test it.
Sponge Over, it is a nice Train, if you go testing this one.

So before I get on your nerves and you think I don't have all the cups in the closet anymore, I'll get out of here. Well, he's perfect, and he's not nothing to me, he's nothing to you. Normal I'd say, but that's kind of crystal clear.
Bevor i go you on the Alarm Clock and you think i havent any cups in the Cupboard i make me out of the Dust.
So he is Onewallfree and not me nothing, you nothing away, Normal i would say but this is Glasclear.

Ok the motive sanctifies the means and keeps the ears stiff.
Ok the Motive hollies the Middle and hold the Ears stiff.

My dear Mr. Choral Society, excuse me, but my English is a bitch. And I know that you need a lot of stamina.
My Dearest Mr. Singingclub, sorry, but my English is under all Pig. And i know you need a lot of Through Holding Money.

Good shopping.
Good Bye.
20 Replies
10.0 7.0 8.0 9.0/10

11 Reviews
Dior Homme Cologne clone
I said to myself that I wouldn't buy another Zara fragrances, just because I have too many already.

But I was really curious to try this new one, and I wasn't disappointed. It's very similar to DHC, simple, well done and very easy to wear. Not 100% alike but smell just as good, maybe is a bit more gingery, that's all.

Reminds me also of Zara Orange Zest but this one is better quality IMO. The performances are great for a citrus fragrance. Great value.

2 Replies


Elysium 61 days ago
Images of sitting on the beach, looking out on the Mediterranean Sea, sipping a freshly poured Gin and Tonic with a generous slice of lime.+2
Itchynose 12 months ago
A fresh, zesty, slightly green and inoffensive scent in a big, beautiful bottle.+1
Carlitos01 14 months ago
If you seek an inexpensive fresh EDP for daily use, you just found it with this Zara offer, similar to Dior Homme Cologne. I do recomend it!+4
Lucian 16 months ago
Really similar to Dior homme Cologne and Chanel Allure Sport Cologne. Comparable performances too. Very good value.+1

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