Bois de Vincennes by Zara

Bois de Vincennes 2020

20.01.2021 - 10:28 PM

Musky and powdery mandarin with violet leather!

This is my second signature scent, right after Burberry Touch for Men.

•Why do I love this scent so much?
It shares some notes with my all time favourite Touch for Men: mandarin, violet leaf, cedar and amber/vanilla in the drydown. It's like a Burberry Touch and Dior Homme lovechild. Gorgeous!

•According to the Zara's description: Mandarin, Violet Leaf and Leather
•Notes according to the box sticker: Mandarin, Orris, Jasmine, Cedarwood, Amber.

This is a heavenly scent, it starts with mandarin orange, leather and violet leaf. In the drydown you can smell amber, with an almost vanillic quality with musk and powdery iris and some remains of tangerine/mandarin and soft leather.

I spray it on my clothes to make that leather note linger for longer.

I just can't get enough of this fragrance.

8 sprays total. 1 on my shirt, 1 on my chest, 2 behind my ears, and 2x2 on my outer wrists.
It lasts more than 8 hours which is great, great projection and sillage for 2.5 hours.

It's very elegant and the scent profile has a niche quality to it, I haven't smelled anything this good in a long long time.
Great for every occasion if you wear smart clothes. It wouldn't suit sport/lounge wear. I wear it whenever I wear my suits or blazers with white/blue shirts.

Buy it, you will not regret it. I'm getting at least 2 back up bottles of this outstanding fragrance, maybe more.

I think I found my second favourite perfume!✨

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