Night pour Homme V by Zara

Night pour Homme V 2020

15.10.2021 - 09:55 PM

Cotton candy

I've bought the full bottle from a guy who didn't like this perfume, in my opinion because it's not very "manly" as the name suggests.
I confirm it's similar to Baccarat and maybe even more to Cloud by Ariana Grande, it's very sweet, it feels like being wrapped in cotton candy.
Very good persistence if you give many sprays in the same spot and especially on clothes. It remained on the skin even after the shower and I was very surprised by this.
My mum got in our house and said: "who's wearing Baccarat?" - me: "are you sure it's Baccarat?" - "no, but it smells like" - "to me it's more like Cloud" - "yes it's true".
Anyway, it's a pity it's been discontinued as it wasn't bad at all.
(decants available if interested).

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