Zara Element #2 - Air My Vibes by Zara

Zara Element #2 - Air My Vibes 2022

06.08.2022 - 02:50 PM

On The Tip Of The Tongue

Air used to be considered a "pure" element, but in reality, the air around us is made up of a variety of gases: mainly nitrogen and oxygen. The composition of the air is right for life on Earth, though.
Air My Vibes is the No. 2 of four from the Element for men's collection, owning a woody floral scent with a light, luminous, masculine cut. You can perceive notes with a light, clean, mineral smell in the air. I didn’t pay the proper attention the first time I tested the entire collection. It seemed like something I had already met, and I immediately bought only the other three. But once I got home, the scent that rose from my skin was so intriguing and interesting, and after a few days, I also bought this missing piece.

The essence takes off citrusy with special rivets of bitter oranges, tangy lemons, and a mild tangerine. Greenness from the foliage and earthiness from the vetiver immediately breaks off the blast. The outcome is not that of a classic citrus cologne. Instead, it is ephemeral; the citruses’ rind creates a sort of airy, semi-creamy, and lightweight aura. The initial stage is fresh.

When the citrus blast subsides, I get a massive dose of pure, pink, rich geranium in my heart. The pinkish tinge pops out immediately after opening, but the notes become more united rather than distinct. I’m pretty sure this blend is familiar to me. It reminds me of another cologne that I have or have smelled. It’s on the tip of my tongue, but I can’t remember it. I believe this is the way it handles the vetiver, which does not override the rest of the ingredients and is not dark or too earthy but bright and clean. The scent is well blended and balanced.

In the drydown, unusual vetiver sits on the throne. The way ZARA took the earthy, greenish root here is anything but ordinary. If you’re seeking a vetiver-centric fragrance to tickle your fancy and you’re familiar with Vetiver Eau de Toilette or Vétiver Limited Edition, this isn’t one of them. I get a kind of mineral effect, as if something filled the air with dust, that feeling I get when I walk an earthy path and the wind raises a cloud of dust. This powdery sensation brings a sweet note; an amber smoothed with quite a lot of vanilla or tonka, something of powdery coumarin for sure. It also gets a little soapy after a while, presumably from an unmentioned musk. I adore how Air My Vibes changes its mood from an initial fresh welcome to a final obscure embrace.

Air My Vibes is a pleasing scent, non-linear, for early spring thru late fall. If you spray liberally, you will offend no one of moderate projection and sillage. Despite the virile vetiver, I see the fragrance as great for any gender.

I base the review on an 80ml bottle I have owned since August 2022.

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