Zara Emotions N°03 - Ebony Wood by Zara

Zara Emotions N°03 - Ebony Wood 2019

26.05.2021 - 09:04 PM


This is dominated by clove. Yes, it's woody, but not as the main note. If you crush clove, the spice, you'll get this very strong smell that makes you turn away after one sniff. Yes, this smells good, but I can't smell it for too long. The clove won't settle down either, it's the main note throughout. I had big hopes for this one to be the perfect cosy woody scent, that when you smell it, you hear crackling sound of a fire place, and you keep expanding your lungs to get more of the smell. But I'm disappointed by its strength, I take one sniff and that's enough for me, smells good and STRONG. Okay, yes, this is personal to me. We can't be subjective in many areas in our lives, but in the world of scents, that's when subjective is valued. Tell me, what this scent is to you personally! I love how different scents are different to different people haha!

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