Zara Ocean Nº3 - Caviar Bergamot by Zara

Zara Ocean Nº3 - Caviar Bergamot 2022

25.07.2022 - 03:12 PM
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Rumba Cha Cha Cha Lemonade Mix

Caviar Bergamot. In my stupidity, I immediately associated this perfume with something similar to caviar. The eggs, or roe, of sturgeon, are called caviar. Preserved with salt, we usually eat caviar as an appetizer. Russia and Iran produce the truest caviar from fish taken from the Caspian and Black seas. The best grade, beluga, is prepared from large black or grey eggs; fresh beluga caviar is relatively scarce and thus expensive. Lesser degrees are from smaller, denser eggs. In the U.S., the roe of salmon, whitefish, lumpfish, and paddlefish is sometimes sold under the name caviar. Wait, is that the only definition of caviar? I mean, processed salted roe of large fish such as sturgeon? Luckily enough, other meanings seem more appropriate for a fragrance, such as something considered too delicate or lofty for mass appreciation or something considered the best of its kind. That fits perfectly with Caviar Bergamot.

The Jo Malone creation is a citric and aromatic fragrance created around three unique facets: sparkling citruses, delicate flowers, and salty musks. Initially, when sprinkled on the paper strip or skin, it can look like a classic citrus cologne, which is the main reason I passed it on the first try. But in reality, evolution gradually reveals some very interesting and pleasant bevels. The citrus cocktail features Primofiore lemon. In the province of Siracusa, they cultivate the fruit of Primofiore lemon that ripens between October and March. The high quality of its essential oils range is among the best in the world. About the cologne, if you know Versace pour Homme Eau de Toilette and Dior Homme Cologne (2013), you will find many common points. By this, I do not mean that Caviar Bergamot is a clone of those, but that the perfumes belong to the same family, with many similar traits and similar vibes. Caviar Bergamot appears as a hybrid of the other two. By the way, Caviar Bergamot is part of the Ocean Collection, along with Zara Ocean Nº1 - Salty Ocean Bouquet and Zara Ocean Nº4 - Saffron Orange Flowers.

Caviar Bergamot, which I would have called Caviar Lemon for the strong dominance of this citrus, reveals itself with a boost of citrus. A clean and citric quality that it’s like drinking freshly squeezed lemon, grapefruit, and bergamot juice. To my nose, the three citrus fruits are slightly unbalanced, and the fragrant lemon prevails over the others, followed by the sweet and sour tones of grapefruit and just a touch of bergamot. Oddly, this citric accord lasts long, and the citrus notes continue in the heart. The lemon is very prominent upon that initial blast and remains for the duration of the perfume. So, just be prepared for that. The initial scent is relatively strong, but not in the wrong way.

Caviar Bergamot starts strong and mellows out as time passes. The spiciness of ginger announces the entrance of the heart. This juicy, spicy root pairs with lemon juice while keeping the heart chord fresh. Besides a flowery and indolic aspect because of the presence of white jasmine flowers, I perceive dusty and powdery facets as if there were also the root of the iris. The heart is sunny and warm, with reflections reminiscent of gin-tonic and bergamot martini.

After the initial hour, the amber and musk notes emerge more and balance the fragrance. It still has that bright, citrusy behavior, but I get more intense undertones of floral notes and musky herb-based spice. At times, it can feel quite powdery and slightly soapy. The amber is akin to ambergris, more salty that sweet.

As I wrote above, Caviar Bergamot starts excellent for me. The sillage is damn loud upon application. As the cologne stabilizes, it becomes a more moderate fragrance overall. It’s not very long-lasting, half a day on my skin, but it’s usually adequate for everyday purposes. Plus, considering this is a spring and summer citrus fragrance, that time frame isn’t wrong. Seasonally, this hits me like a summer scent. I suppose you could wear it at any time of the year, but it always felt out of place to me. In cold winter temperatures, I prefer amber and resinous scents. However, if you live in a humid climate, Caviar Bergamot is a fragrance option that excels in those conditions. You can wear it to work, to the gym, or informally, and it works very well. You could wear it casually for a hassle-free evening or go to a fancy dinner with friends. Capturing complements, people seem to appreciate the aroma. It’s light, and it’s breezy, but not aqua-breezy.
I like Caviar Bergamot; it is simply the cologne for me. It doesn’t blow my socks off, nothing disruptive, but it smells good clean, and fresh. It is genderless and fits perfectly with a man, even if ZARA exhibits it in the women’s department. Besides, no tobacco or deep woody notes make this particularly masculine. Ultimately, it gives you a pretty simple, clean citrus smell and is almost universally pleasant. There are aspects that I like, the dominance of the Primofiore lemon. In particular, the opening act, where it is brighter and semi-aquatic citrus, and the amber and slightly salty finish.

I base the review on a 90ml bottle I have owned since July 2022.

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