Zara Ocean Nº4 - Saffron Orange Flowers by Zara

Zara Ocean Nº4 - Saffron Orange Flowers 2022

23.07.2022 - 12:12 PM
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Reflections Of The Sun On The Sea

Saffron & Orange Flowers is the fourth piece of the Oceano collection, the N°04. I’m not sure where the Ocean of this collection is because I feel myriad shades except those typical of seawater. Aside from that, Saffron & Orange Flowers is my favorite after Zara Ocean Nº1 - Salty Ocean Bouquet. It fascinates me, and I immediately loved it at the first sniff on the paper strip. I find it a warm, slightly sweet scent with creamy, powdery, and somewhat vanilla undertones, while the milky notes of oriental woods dominate. It is more reminiscent of the smell of the sun warming the ocean than the smell of the sea itself.

Let’s dive deep and discover more of this warm essence. First, the fragrance smells different from me than other people. The acidic citrus notes immediately emerge on my skin with shades of green and spicy foliage, and the mixture is delicately refreshing. The note of the orange fruit is perceptible, like the smell of the pulp of a freshly peeled fruit. Conversely, bergamot is subdued. It appears bittersweet, perhaps with green leaves and aromatic herbs.
On the other hand, when I intercept the trail, my husband leaves when he wears it; milky, powdery, and delicately creamy notes come to mind, with an amplified amber shade, which I love but don’t feel on me. The wake is generous, especially in the first hour. It fills the room where I sprayed it, and in the open, it persists in the air after the passage. I do not smell bold saffron, with its aromatic and leathery edges, at least not in the way I am used to smelling it in other fragrances or when I smell the precious powder extracted from the pistils of the flower. However, in the initial stage, a slightly leathery edge is imprinted.

The heart unfolds with fragrant orange blossom petals, whose bitterness is balanced by notes of indole jasmine and sweet ylang-ylang. The bouquet of white and yellow flowers melts voluptuously on the skin. On a late July evening, it releases a sensation of summer heat, sweet as honey but not unpleasant or annoying. Sometimes the initial and middle stages give off a slightly metallic atmosphere, but these are mainly sweet floral accords.

The amber and woody aspects of the base notes give a fiery touch to the base. A soft, creamy, slightly milky accord is undeniably due to the sensual sandalwood. The powder I got from the start that I feel on other people is due to the coumarin, more on the vanilla slant than on the tonka beans. The woodiness is combined with a cleaner musk, the first exaggerated compared to the second. This blend of musks and woods highlights the sumptuousness of Saffron and Orange Blossom.

Ultimately, the fragrance is powdery, floral, warm, slightly leathery, and creamy. I find it looks good during summer evenings and nights, even in the still warm days of early autumn. Excellent projection in the beginning, then it becomes moderate and approaches the skin, while the longevity is above average, especially on the clothes it lasts many hours, it is also felt the following day. What can I say? Another masterpiece of the collaboration between ZARA and the nose Jo Malone. I find this line superior to the other perfumes of ZARA. The price of about € 25 for 90ml is justified, even if sometimes there are some gems even among the medium-low range ones around € 10-15.

I base the review on a 90ml bottle I have owned since July 2022.

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