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Molécule 234·38 by Zarkoperfume
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Molécule 234·38 is a perfume by Zarkoperfume for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is woody-fresh. It is still in production.

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Submitted by AmyAmy, last update on 24.01.2020.
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Light and powerful at the same time
Still on the eternal search for the ONE fragrance for me. A few weeks ago I came across Juliette has a Gun - Not a Perfume, which really suits me perfectly. I was fished by this molecule scent and came across other scents of this kind, until I finally ended up with this one here.

First of all, I read something. I'm not an expert on how many a nose here can write great reviews. However, it was immediately clear to me that I had to have this perfume and tell the world how I felt about it.

So I drove to a perfumery and sprayed it on a test strip after I couldn't even smell it directly at the bottle. Immediately after the spraying I personally heard a slightly alcoholic sterile smell. After it had dried a bit, something woody slowly came through, but not much. So on the skin with it. In the first moment first the same experience as with the test strip and then first of all nothing.... A few minutes later it smelled slightly woody again. I generally love woody scents. So I liked it, but it still seemed very weak to me. But I waited for a while and after about 20-30 minutes I smelled again at the spot I had sprayed on... And it smelled really great. Woody, fresh, lively, light... I find the scent strong, yet gentle. I can't say what's so fascinating about it. But I liked him incredibly well.

At the beginning I mentioned Juliette has a gun - Not a Perfume. This scent is not so much different. However, it is more lively, more lively and has a little more pizzazz. Well, it's not based on the same molecule. But I was so surprised that the result on my skin was still so similar.

What confused me the most afterwards and impressed me at the same time. At first my friend told me that I really smell of perfume, but I had only applied a single splash to one of my arms. But even a day later at work my colleague came into the room and asked if it was my perfume. And she was immediately thrilled. On the way I also noticed that people who came near me were all very nice, different than usual. So not that otherwise all people are unfriendly, but I was addressed, smiled at. I suddenly noticed what I don't usually do. And I can't say that I wouldn't like it if the scent was so provocative.

I will wear it for now and I am sure that it will remain one of my favourite fragrances. I'll also try to see if the layering will help with my existing scents. All in all, however, I am fully satisfied with this fragrance and what it tickles out on my skin.

Yesterday I read about the smell of sweat, engine oil and other strange smells caused by this perfume. It smells great on me. It really suits me, my nature and it underlines my personality. That's what I've always wanted. I think I will explore molecular perfumes even further and take a closer look at Escentric Molecules 01 and 02. I am really happy about this fragrance.

Oh well, to the bottle perhaps still briefly: I find him ok. Boring, but all right. I think a futuristic design would suit him better. But that's just my own personal taste.
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