Oud'ish by Zarkoperfume


18.03.2015 - 03:33 PM

Chocolate OUD

Zarkoperfume is a new niche line from Denmark which strikes for its minimalistic and simple aesthetic.

Oud'ish is a potentially interesting composition but very weak for an OUD Scent.
What comes out is a restrained amber with dark chocolate and clean musky facets. It could have been a great fragrance if just they dared a bit more Power to it.

Potentially nice but not completely convincing. Again, too many brands bring nice ideas on the table but, somehow, most of them dont stand-out. With that said, if you like hyper-modern stuff, give this a chance.
I recommend you OUD MELODY by MONTALE or OUD by MFK. Bot stronger with less chocolate vibe but nice and clean. European Orientel Style.
Poor sillage and not to lang lasting. Maybe 4 hours.

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