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Beaver (2016) by Zoologist
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Beaver (2016) is a perfume by Zoologist for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is green-woody. It is still in production.

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Chris Bartlett

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesGreen notes, Linden blossom, Air accord, Sawdust
Heart Notes Heart NotesHumid air, Musk, Dry wood, Water note
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Castoreum, Dark woods, Leather, Musk, Vanilla



7.3 (73 Ratings)


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8.2 (66 Ratings)
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Greatly helpful Review    9
If I wore it naked, I would still feel perfectly dressed with Beaver
Beaver in its new formulation is undoubtedly the most pleasing, calmest and last but not least - by definition - "most beautiful" zoologist scent for me.

To explain what I mean: Tyrannosaurus Rex, for example, is still unbeaten by me and I feel it is also "beautiful" - but it is probably far away from what one would call - by definition of the word - "beautiful fragrance". Beaver comes much closer to the "beautiful".

Beaver brings with the first spray the imagination of a spring morning at a brook, the lukewarm wind touches through hair and face and carries a breath of serious flower aromas in itself. Wood shavings from cut trees lie around and it makes a quiet "splash" as the small, furry thing enters the otherwise still standing water. The water lilies swivel back and forth and water drops collect on their leaves. Ah...a very slight animal smell is also hidden in the wind at the brook in question.
Not dirty and unpleasant - rather familiar, warm and wonderfully natural looking.
Also a bit like the smell of laundry almost dried by the wind on a huge meadow, beside which a small brook flows. The laundry is white as a sheet.
I have just deliberately talked about "almost" dried laundry (and of course the stream that keeps returning from now on), because the wind that blows in Beaver is damp. Not rain-moist and also not cool-moist. More like a hint of. Imagine being on such a stream and (to keep the name of the fragrance) a beaver jumping into the water, which distributes a few sprinklers in the air. The odour that you then perceive for a fraction of a second because the gentle wind carries it past you. Something like that I mean and apologize for my this time actually methapherengwängwängerte description.
The fact that I have so far been committed to paraphrases and metaphors shows me that it is difficult to describe or even classify Beaver.

Yes, Beaver is a fragrance, a perfume and also does justice to these accusations. Beaver, however, is also a feeling, a perception and lives from the images and associations that this, I call it, intentionally 'smell' brings with it.

It smells like: not quite clear, but not dirty water, like a small stream or pond. Gently after flowers that are not playful but serious. Serious but beautiful - and very beautifully discreetly dosed. I think it's the lime blossom that stands out here. For wood, actually something after the sawdust from Daddy's workshop. The dry one and the slightly damp one. After a fresh breeze, whose worn fragments of fragrance repeatedly evoke the Bächlein association. And also after nature and animal - however (for all, which turn up now the nose) also the dezent to minimum dosed. Beaver Welten is far removed from dirty animalism or even fecal animalism. Also from the animalism of the other zoologists. So if you are afraid of this point, or think of Civet or Hyrax, or of fragrances like Stercus or Fortis, you might say that this is not the case with Beaver. The animal note in Beaver is so tame and gentle that you could/would like to cuddle with it.
The same goes for the fact that I would describe Beaver as a rather fresh fragrance. But fresh here means anything but sporty, aquatic, citric or anything else you would associate with fresh fragrances in the perfume world. Also here I rather mean the natural freshness of water sprinkled wind.

Beaver has an almost meditative effect in its calm and early summer sluggishness.
As a city person a good scent to lie down in the grass in the park and let the head cinema do the rest. Bumms, you're at the Bieberbächlein.

To arrange everything again towards the end and get it round:
A fragrance that belongs more to the skin than to the clothes and that makes a much more interesting development on the skin.
A fragrance that is more of a nude fragrance than a fragrance bomb.
A fragrance that you don't spray on and wear; it melts with the skin of the wearer.
A fragrance that radiates serenity, nature and tame animalism.
And naturalness - a genuine and attractive naturalness. Even if I would wear it naked, I would still feel perfectly dressed with Beaver.
An absolute unisex fragrance.
After I wrote this comment and read it again, there was actually only one consequence left, namely that I had to change my rating (which I gave a few months ago) afterwards. Up.
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10.0 8.0 8.0 8.0/10

32 Reviews
Fresh wet wood
I was not expecting this to be so scenic in its opening—like a crisp spring morning on a river bank. I get cool rushing water with surrounding floral vegetation, balanced by wet green wood and smoky leather. It reminds me of something like Dior Fahrenheit in its juxtaposition of pretty and rugged notes—ultimately a clever and supremely wearable composition.
6.0 6.0 10.0 9.0/10

73 Reviews
Helpful Review    1
I think Beaver slid under the radar because of huge, bombastic scents like Civet and the new T-Rex that get so much attention. Beaver is a tenderly sweet, springy green, delicate floral fragrance with a slightly animalic undertone that makes it feel really realistic. Gives it that musky quality that feels like a second skin. Smells like you took a shower with some high quality soap that is still clinging to your skin, then you leave your little cottage to go and dip your toes in a chilly brook in the English countryside. Darling fragrance, but it's complex too. Highly underrated.

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