Civet by Zoologist

Civet 2016

01.12.2020 - 03:04 AM

Mob boss in the whiskey lounge

Another classy Zoologist, but in a different way than I thought Rhino was classy. Instead of being a rhino skin rug on the floor of a rich man’s booze room, put yourself into the shoes of the rich man. Now hypothetically speaking let’s say this rich man is also a mob boss in a Sin City style movie where everything is intentionally black and white, except his red tie. Now, let’s also hypothetically say this man loves smoking nice wine flavored cigars. That’s what this fragrance smells like, an older, confident, but dangerous, man in an all black suit with a red tie who smokes wine flavored cigars in the rain. Is it abstract? Yeah. Did I not really do a good job describing the scent and more so described the feeling it gives me? Absolutely. But Civet is definitely one of the best works from Zoologist and deserves to be smelled by everyone at least once. Try before you buy.

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