Elephant by Zoologist

Elephant 2017

22.07.2021 - 03:58 AM

As a perfume, this is unbearable; as art, it’s marvellous

While I do not like the scent, it can’t help but marvel at the composition and how it embodies the animal of the same name.

On the first spray over is hit by a trumpeting mushy green vegetation, with a soil-like quality running through. A dusty old hay stack, used as a bed for some creature starts to come through. How I have described this makes it seem as if this is a slow progression, it is not. This reminds me of a orchestral piece I went to see in Hamburg (Germany) a few years ago. It was a disjointed ensemble of clashing chords and notes that melded into something where you lost yourself in trying to pick out the individual instruments. Despite the noise art was made due to the masterful composition and performance. I feel that here. My ears thoroughly enjoyed the piece, the name of which escapes me; but elephant is a fragrance my nose is not fond of.

Looking at the notes you could never tell how violent and destructive this fragrance is (that’s the vibe I get from this, an angry/testy bull elephant). It may behave differently on skin, but I dare not try it on mine.

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