Chipmunk by Zoologist

Chipmunk 2021

27.06.2021 - 06:35 PM
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Stock-keeping in autumn

Do you hear the rustling over there in the pile of leaves? A cheerful whistle comes out of an accumulation of freshly fallen leaves. A chipmunk in search of food hides underneath. It is happy about the multitude of seeds and nuts it has already found, eager to bring them to its food chamber in time. With nimble paws, it stuffs as many goods as possible into its cheeks and scurries away. In no time at all it swirls through the leaves and disappears into a well-hidden hole in the ground. With such a high success rate, it will be very easy for Charlene Chipmunk to earn her badge in collecting.

Chipmunk is calm and cozy. Cardamom and nutmeg combine to create warm, spicy nut flavors, which form the main theme for this autumn woody fragrance. With the tart nutshells, the ground squirrel lures us from the branches of the forest into its tunnel system and prepares for its winter rest with us. We are happily offered a resting place in the sleeping chamber, which is gratefully accepted. The sleeping chamber was carefully lined with aromatic barks by the agile rodent. Equipped in this way, the fragrance fulfills its purpose and offers us an autumn forest with a rich supply of nuts to nibble on. Just like the animal itself is generally depicted, chipmunk is cute and easy to like. Its scent is ultimately a trusting companion for the most colorful season.

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